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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

We Gonna Party Like It's Your Birthday!

Happy birthday to my awesome husband Jason!!! 

Hope you had a great birthday week and early bday dinner on Friday.  I miss you...hope you have an awesome flight home and I can't wait to see you!  Sorry that a few hours after you get home, I'm out the door on a trip...

But at least we have a fun weekend ahead of us. 
Kings of Leon and Panic at the Disco this weekend to celebrate!!!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Flash Mob

I've always wanted to participate in a flash mob.  My husband has not, but he is the one who had the chance.  One of the properties he works for, Westin Memorial City, had their grand opening yesterday.  Starwood Hotels has a company tradition of performing a flash mob on opening day with the entire team. 

Enjoy...Jason claims he is on the 2nd row, right side (facing the street), but I can't find him.  It's like Where's Waldo.  I threatened to come up yesterday and take pictures, but he said he would have died of embarrasment so I refrained! 

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Ombre Hair Trend

Evidently, I've been living under a rock because the Ombre hair trend became popular in Fall 2010, but I'm just now realizing that this look even had a name. 

Ombre is a hair coloring technique where the color is darker closer to the root and the fades into lighter and brighter highlights or color.  Some versions are much more subtle than others.  In my opinion it looks good on really long locks - curl or wave being a must!  Some people are fans because it's so much easier to live with since you don't have to be a slave to the root game.

I found this funny article about why you shouldn't try this trend.  Which by the way, predicts, that we will only see this look through 2011.

So what do you think?  A must or a miss or really bad roots? 

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Junior Mint Imposters

Do not let these limited edition pastel junior mints fool you! 
They do not taste like regular junior mints and they are gross. 

Dear neighborhood Randalls- why did you replace the regular boxes of junior mints with these?  Thanks for ruining my "special Bachelor-finale treat."

That's all, bye. 

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Looking forward to...

It is so gorgeous in Houston today!  Blue skies and not one cloud.  My pale legs even made their spring debut today.  Days like these get me excited for summer music festivals.  Jason and I already have a few on the calendar to look forward to:

Discovery Green Park, Houston - The Big Dance is a free three-day concert series (April 1-3) open to music fans in celebration of the NCAA Men's Final Four in Houston, TX this year!  We are going April 2 to see Kings of Leon, the headliner of the day.  This is a free concert so it's going to be absolutely bananas, but Jason got the hookup since his client, Coca-Cola is sponsoring this day.  Kenny Chesney is rumored to be the headline on Sunday, April 3. 

Downtown Houston - iFest is two weekends and have tons of options for food, entertainment, art and music.  We are going Saturday, April 30 to see Johny Lang.  Can't get too crazy because Buzz Fest is the next day.

Buzz Fest - May 1
Woodlands Pavilion - Bands haven't even been announced yet, but this is always a fun day.  Rumor has it that Jane's Addiction, Weezer and Seether are on the bill. 

Eleanor Tinsley Park on Buffalo Bayou, Houston - 2 day music fest.  Probably wouldn't try and make this because I'm sure it is going to be CROWDED and HOT, but Weezer is headlining.  Duh, winning!


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