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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

No Heat Required: The Perfect Heatless Curls Hair Tutorial

Currently my hair is the longest it's ever been!  I've just always been a short hair girl.  I get very bored wearing it straight and I'm constantly lusting after all the celebrities with perfect curls and waves.  My hair is very thick so if I curl it with rollers or even with a VERY hot curling iron, the curl is gone within a few hours. 

Another hair issue I have is over-styling.  My ends are dry, but my hair gets greasy if I don't wash it everyday.  This means putting a blow dryer to it everyday...the cycle continues!  No bueno!

When I found this hair tutorial about no-heat curls I was hopeful, but skeptical. 

I'm here to tell you though that it works!!!  At least for me.  I've done it about 5 times now and every time it's been great.  There are lots of vlogs if you google "no heat curls," but I really liked this one

Yes, my pictures are horrible, but hey, I'm makeup and all.  These were taken at about 11pm last Tuesday night.  I had an early morning meeting so wanted to be able to roll out of bed and not spend too much time on my hair...success!

Tools needed: elastic headband and spray bottle with water (optional)

Other hair products I use.  Not all at once though!

Step One:  Start with dry hair.
(I promise I wasn't meaning to give this super cheesy pose...hello Glamour Shots!)

Step Two:  Add water to dampen.  Do not do this with wet hair.  It will not dry.  Just a little spritz is all you need.

Step Three:  Put your elastic headband on, hippie style!  Make sure you pull your hair at the top up a bit.

Step Four: Take a section of hair and twist.   I've noticed it looks best with larger sections  The amount I used in this picture was great. 

Step Five:  Wrap the twisted hair over and under your headband.  You will continue to add sections of hair as you do this.  Repeat on the other side until all the hair is wrapped. 

Step Six:  Done and Spray with hairspray!  I like a flexible hold hairspray.  Now it's time for bed!  I promise it is very comfortable.

Step Seven:  The next day I woke up and got ready (makeup, clothes, everything!) so I could leave the hair in as long as possible. 

Step Eight:  Remove the headband, shake out your hair, brush through if necessary, spray and go!  My curls were VERY tight.  I flipped my hair over, finger combed and used 2 pumps of Kerastase Elixir Ultime.  My curls went down even more within the next hour to a more perfect wave.  They lasted all day even through major humidity!

Back of hair at the end of the day!

Another example of curls using this technique

Other helpful tips I've learned through trial and error:

-  Damp hair works better than dry hair.  Just don't do it on wet hair. 
-  Don't stress out if there is a section or piece that isn't perfect in the morning, you can always fix with a curling iron if needed. 
-  If your hair is very clean as in you JUST washed it, use extra product so the curls hold better.  I put BB Texture cream in my wet hair before drying it.  This worked so much better than clean hair, no product.  However, hair that wasn't super clean worked in I washed it that morning and wrapped that night before bed.  You could always "freshen up"  bit before wrapping using a dry shampoo.  My favorite is by Suave (pic above).
-  Pull the band up a bit to your hairline when you go to bed.  This won't mess up your curls and will prevent a huge line in your forehead in the morning.
-  Spray before going to bed...a lot!  My favorite hairspray for this is Flexible Hold Herbal Essence (pic above).  My favorite hairspray to use after styling the next day is BB Spray de Mode (pic above).
-  The longer you can leave your hair wrapped, the better.  It has worked great for me leaving it for 8-13 hours.  I even read one blogger who said she wore her hair wrapped all day...she used a cute headband and rocked it!  When it was time for her special event that night, her hair was fabulous.  I'm not sure I'm brave enough for this unless I don't have to leave the house!

Have fun and please share your experience with no heat curls. 


  1. thank you for sharing :)) I will try this tonight !!

  2. So happy you found it! Good luck and please share how it goes!

  3. Ahh!!! I LOVE this. I am the worst at using a curling iron. I will definitely try it!

  4. @Laura...I know what you mean about the curling iron. I kid you not, I always end up with a hickey-like burn mark. Let me know how it comes out!

  5. Hi... I am from Indonesia and love this way much! I haven't try to curl my hair with heat products, but I can see though that this heat-less way is just much better than those using heat tools. I have done this heat-less way a couple times. As you also have done this many times, do you notice that the back part of your hair has less curl than other parts? That's what I always get when I tried this way. I'm about saying that perhaps I put the headband too low at the back part or spray less water in this part, really I have no clue. But swear to God, I love my locks with curls this way :)

  6. My hair is crazy thick and refuses to hold a curl. I will definitely try this. You are a life saver. THANK YOU !!!!!



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