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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

All About My Baby's Helmet

I know I've been quiet on the blog front lately, but my latest post is something that I'm really proud to share and excited for you to read.  I hope you'll jump over to Houston Moms Blog today and check it out.  It was a hard decision for Jason and I to make to decide to move forward with a helmet for Colin, but once we decided to do it, I knew that I wanted to fully embrace the experience and share it with others - the good, the bad, the ugly.  We were lucky enough to have several close friends who had gone through the same experience before us to lead the way, but I can imagine how scary of a path it may be if you don't know anyone.

Hope you are having a great week! 

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Rodan + ROSES :: Giveaway for a $100 Nordstrom Giftcard & More

It's no secret that I LOVE anything Bachelor.  Just call me a lifetime member of Bachelor Nation!  I even attended a meet and greet with Bachelorette contestants back in college {can we say ultimate fangirl}. 

When I started working with Rodan + Fields I knew that I had to incorporate these two loves into a fun promotion.  Every week that there is a Bachelor, Bachelorette, Bachelor in Paradise {my fave} on ABC, I offer something fun!

This week is double the fun since there are two episodes.  Tonight is MEN TELL ALL!!!

All Preferred Customer orders placed today will receive this Bachelor tank AND if you are a new Preferred Customer, I will pay back your $20 enrollment fee!   

AND...for a fun little huge bonus since I'm in Nordstrom Anniversary Sale heaven currently, all orders placed this week will go into a drawing for a $100 Nordstrom Giftcard - what?!?  Read my latest Houston Moms Blog post for my top picks!

So get those Preferred Customer orders in by midnight on July 31 to be included in this drawing!  If you have been thinking about trying R+F, now is an awesome time!

If you want to place an order, but have no idea where to begin, you can email me at chelsea.m.purifoy {at} gmail {dot} com, leave a comment below or take my skin solutions skin!  I can then help recommend the best products to start with based on your skincare needs and budget.

A great product to start with is the Multi-Function Eye Cream to help reduce puffiness, dark under-eye circles, fine lines and the appearance of crows-feet around your delicate eye area.  It feels great and one little jar will last you around 4 months!  It's so effective that beauty guru and Bachelor alum Michelle Money just recommended it as one of her favorite beauty products and helpful step when applying undereye concealer!!!

Happy Shoppin' & Bachelor Watchin'


Monday, July 25, 2016

Catching Up :: Busy, Busy

Hey everyone!  I'm doing the worst thing that any blogger can ever do and that's go radio silent!  It was not my intention, but phew I've been busy.  Same story, different day!  But I've been busy for good reasons....

Busy with my family...Jack is making awesome progress with potty-training and Colin has just started crawling everywhere!  Those two things alone are reason enough to be quiet on the blog front.

Busy with Rodan + Fields...I started this little side biz at the end of April and it's just taken off from there.  Not only am I in love with the products for myself, but I love my team of women who are so encouraging and seriously going places.  I've even added an amazing new consultant under me and I'm looking for more!  We are making great money, earning fun little incentives and having a blast doing it!

Busy with Houston Moms my latest post about my favorite picks at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale this year {thank you extra R+F income}!

Busy trying to be healthy...this month I jumped back into 21 Day Fix and I'm also getting back into a more consistent routine at Pure Barre.  I know weight loss is 90% diet, but when I'm working out, I'm more likely to eat better!

Busy celebrating...Jason snuck off for a little overnight "staycation" to celebrate our wedding anniversary {that was in May}!  We went to the Houstonian for a spa day at Trellis - my favorite spa in the entire world.  After getting into full-on relaxation mode, we had a great dinner and enjoyed a little night off of parenting.

Busy taking new R+F leader Meredith and I were lucky enough to take some fun new photos a few weeks ago at two epic mural walls in Houston with two up and coming photographers Stacy Anderson Photography {photo at top of post} and C. Wright Photography {below}!  It was super hot, but it sure was worth it.

And busy with Snapchat!  I know I'm late to the game, but I've seriously fallen in love with Snapchat this month. Instead of catching up on my favorite blogs at the end of the night, I find myself catching up on everyone's snaps!  I'm trying to get better about snapping myself.  Follow me {theperfectcatch}.  I just posted {a ton} of snaps this evening on my favorite Rodan + Fields products and my nighttime skincare routine including how to use the awesome AMP MD Roller!

Many of my items from the Nordstrom sale are starting to arrive eeekk!!! so I plan to pop back in this week and review what I've received and tried on!  Crazy how quickly things sold out this year and that's even as a cardholder myself with early access.

Talk soon!  Hope your week is off to a great start!

Friday, July 1, 2016

A Birthday Bash Alternative

I promise I'm still here and have no plans to quit blogging.  I'm just still trying to find that perfect balance and lately my evenings have consisted of working my Rodan + Fields business and doing my 21 Day Fix workouts.  I'm happy to report that both are going very well.

To prove that I still love blogging and do it occasionally - ha - here is my latest post for Houston Moms Blog about our decision to scrap a 3rd birthday party for Jack this year.

Hope you have a happy and safe 4th of July weekend! 

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Sweet Summertime Giveaway

Just in checking and letting you know that a.) I'm still alive and b.) my Rodan + Fields team is doing an amazing "Sweet Summtertime" giveaway and today is the last day!  If you want a chance to win some of these amazing prizes, comment below so I can get you added to the Facebook event! 

Yes I sell the products, but I can say that before that, I was the customer and have been so happy with the results I'm seeing so far on my skin.  I got to play "stay at home mom" yesterday with two sick kiddos so I had no time to shower (gross) or put my usual makeup on.  I was so impressed with how healthy my skin looked just by using the mineral peptides powder and a little lip balm while we were on the run to doc appointments...oh and eye cream...lots of eye cream! 

If you want to try anything - I'd love to set you up to not only win the prizes above, but save 10%, get free shipping, your enrollment fee paid back AND a free monogrammed hat by Two Magnolia Lane! 
Now is a great time to get more info about Rodan + Fields if you've ever been curious about the products or even joining as a consultant.

And finally, to prove that I am in fact still blogging, check out my latest blog post on Houston Moms Blog from the weekend. 

Hope you are having a happy day! 

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Party in your PJ's Tonight!

Happy Thursday!  Due to everyone's crazy schedules with end of school and you know, LIFE, I ended up cancelling my Rodan + Fields business launch party earlier this week in Houston...

But good news for you because now we can go from in-person PAR-TAY to PJ's!!!!

So grab a glass of wine, put on your favorite jammies and join me tonight from 8:30 p.m. - 9:30 p.m. CST from the comfort of your own home to learn more about Rodan + Fields products and to win some great prizes!  I promise it will be fun - no pressure to buy anything during the event.  It's just a great way to learn more if you've ever been curious about R+F products and why I decided to add this to my already crazy full plate!

I have some awesome giveaways to help get you ready for summer including S'Well, Yeti, Starbucks, Two Magnolia Lane, best selling Rodan + Fields products like the sunless tanner and eye cream and maybe a surprise or two!

The giveaways will start immediately so be sure to check in promptly at 8:30...but if you are running late, just join when you can! 

Go ahead and join the Facebook event now, click "Going" and the invite 4 friends to be entered to win the famous Multi-Function Eye Cream!  Hope to "see" you there!  

Friday, May 20, 2016

Five on Friday :: We're Still Here

Sounds the alarms, for I have blogged!

So sorry for my unintended hiatus the past few weeks.  Truth be told, I bit off a little more than I can chew this past month between my regular crazy life with two kiddos, a husband and work, plus adding a new project with Houston Moms Blog and oh taking on a WHOLE other side business with Rodan + Fields makes for a lot.  I can say that I'm loving everything that I'm working on and know this busy season will taper off in the coming weeks.

All that to say, I've missed my little space on the Internet and am happy to check in.


Jack celebrated his third birthday early in May.  I plan to recap his birthday celebration, but rather than planning a big party like we have done for him the past two years, we did a little "staycation" in Kemah.  We had a great time celebrating our sweet boy.  


Colin is also doing great!  I can't believe he is now 6 months old!  He is starting to eat solid food like bananas and avocado, is sitting up and is so active.  He's not crawling yet, but he is getting close.  He moves around great in circles and has fun rolling over.  He is the happiest little guy that will almost always give you the biggest smile.

One major update with Colin is that we are in the process of getting a Doc Band for him.  It's not official yet, but we are going this morning for measurements to submit to our insurance company.  We had a consultation last weekend to see if he even needed this treatment.  After measurements, pictures and speaking with our pediatrician, we all came to the conclusion that this is a necessity for him.  I'm nervous about how he will do with it on.  I'm hoping it will be comfortable for him, especially in the Houston heat this summer.  It's estimated that he will wear it for around 4 months.  I do plan to document the journey on the blog.


A few updates with us old folks.  We both have been busy as usual.  Jason has gotten on a major health kick, working out with a trainer in the morning and eating clean.  That's made me step up my game in the kitchen since I do the majority of grocery shopping and cooking.  I was so frustrated at first if we are being honest because of the competitive person that I am, I wanted to hang with him and lose weight, workout everyday and eat clean.  After a few weeks of killing myself I had to be honest and realize that now is not my time to go all in with weight loss.  That's not to say that I'm not eating better and working out more, but I just can't do as much as I'd like with our schedule, me still nursing, etc.

We celebrated my birthday last week on top of Mother's Day the weekend prior so it's truly been a month of celebrations! 

Birthday cupcake!


The team and I at Houston Moms Blog have been working hard to get our Summer Play Date Series kicked off!  We just launched the Facebook group so if you are local, be sure to join it so you will be in the know about all of the upcoming play dates around Houston between June 6 - August 12.  And new this year will be some really cute shirts you can order for yourself and your kiddo.  #ilovematchingshirts


And last but not least is Rodan + Fields!  I've now been a consultant for one month and am loving it!  I love the team I'm on and all of the fun opportunities that are coming my way.  I'm thankful that I pushed away the fear of failing and jumped all in.  I've said this before, but I was so skeptical of doing direct sales and very so apprehensive, but it's really made me happy and excited.

I'm hosting my business launch party this Tuesday, May 24 from 6:30 - 8:30 p.m. at More Than You Can Imagine in River Oaks.  I'd love for you to join us!  I promise it's not a "pressure to buy" event.  It's a celebration of my business and a great way to see and touch the products since we normally don't host sales parties.  Hope to see you there for a fun girls night!


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Monday, April 25, 2016

Weekend Recap :: Colin's First Trip to the Zoo

What a busy weekend we had, but it was full of great things so I'm not complaining about being a little extra tired this Monday!  Nothing a little coffee can't fix.

On Friday Jason was craving a meal out since we've been really disciplined lately during the week and cooking so the boys and I met him at our favorite Mexican food restaurant after work.  We were both still semi-good with our meals even though we were out.  After dinner we did the now-mandatory stroll to Ben & Jerry's so Jack could get some ice cream - his reward for being good during the meal.  No ice cream for me or Jason, but I didn't even care because it was too fun watching Jack eat his and then listen to some live music.  Colin slept!

Saturday morning we slept a little later than I had planned but got our butts in action for the zoo.  It was a beautiful day and we wanted to take Jack and Colin before it gets too hot in the coming months.  It was a great day to go.  It wasn't too crowded and the temperature was pleasant.  We were there from about 10:45-3:00.  Jack had a blast seeing all of the animals and running around.  We carted him around in his wagon for when we needed to walk longer stretches and when he got tired.  Colin was a champ too.  He did great and we did a mix of stroller and baby carrier with him so he could see everything.  He slept some and nursed great in public while we were out.  Both boys passed out in the car on our way home! 

I made a healthy dinner at home Saturday night to make up for our indulgences of the day.  After the kids were asleep Jason and I watched The Forest in bed before calling it a night.

On Sunday our church had a celebration day to mark the end of a fundraising campaign.  The students from the preschool sang with the choir {Jack included} and everyone wore red for the annual Parrish picture.  We did lunch afterwards and then came home during a big rainstorm.  The rest of the day was just typical Sunday items like grocery store and laundry.

This week I'm looking forward to jumping in headfirst with my Rodan & Fields business.  I'll be mailing out lots of mini-facial kits so leave your email below if you want one.  

I'm also looking forward to attending Bloom this Thursday, an event hosted by Houston Moms Blog for new and expecting moms.  I will be working check-in so please say hello if you will be there! 

Friday, April 22, 2016

Five on Friday

Happy Friday!  This week was a whirlwind and I actually can't believe it's Friday already.  Houston had some devastating flooding and while our neck of the woods is doing well my thoughts and prayers are constantly on everyone who is still dealing with the mess including the area that I grew up in.  It's sad to see the images of houses and businesses under water and even more sad to think about the people who are out of their homes and worse. 

Okay - now back to my Friday Five.  Let's jump right in!


I made a HUGE decision this week to become a Rodan & Fields consultant.  This explains my lack of blogging this week as my head has been spinning diving into the business.  Let me first say that I promise this blog won't turn into an ongoing sales pitch, but I am excited to share over the course of a few posts how it is changing my skin for the better.

You all know I love my beauty products!  Unfortunately, I severely abused tanning beds in high school and college and also noticed a change in my skin after two pregnancies in two years.  I fell in love with Rodan & Fields after trying a mini-facial and now I'm loving the very real transformation I'm seeing with products like the multi-function eye cream.  I never thought I would venture into direct sales, but I truly love this company - and the product discounts I get as a consultant! #letsbehonest  I can't wait to share these great products that I use and love. Feel free to look around my site and see the products that are offered.  Take the solutions tool quiz to find your perfect regimen.  I would also love to send you a little happy :: a mini facial for you to try and pamper yourself with.  Just comment below with your email address and I'll send you one next week!


If you are in Houston, don't miss my Blow Dry Bar Round-Up on Houston Moms Blog this week.  Give your hair a little happy hour and yourself a break!


Jack is about to turn THREE in a little over a week and Colin turns 6 months next week...what?!  Time sure flies.  Instead of a big party like we've done for Jack's birthday for year one and two, we are just doing a special family weekend with the four of us soon in Kemah.  I think this will be just as special as a big party, maybe even more so.  I can't wait to celebrate my big boy!  


I ordered this dress after seeing it on Annie from Home of Malones.  It looked right up my alley - shift dress, black and white stripes...sign me up!  Can't wait to receive it in the mail.  I ordered two sizes since my body is all over the place in sizes lately.   I hope it works! 


This face.  I just can't get enough.  And he couldn't get enough avocado that he tried for the very first time this week.

Have a great weekend and please continue to pray for those affected by the floods! 


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Friday, April 15, 2016

Five on Friday :: From the Archives

Happy Friday!  I've been struggling to keep up this week.  Can anyone else relate?  Both of the kiddos are nursing colds and I've been getting little sleep and lots of snot (just keeping it real over here)!  I'm on deadline for a Houston Moms Blog post at the moment so while I catch-up with other areas of my life, please enjoy five posts from the archives.

I hope you have a great weekend!  We are taking Jack to Disney on Ice tomorrow and I'm hoping to get a workout or two in to balance out the chips and guacamole I'm currently craving and plan on eating this weekend (hopefully from a nice patio...with a glass of wine).

ONE :: Perfect Heatless Curls Hair Tutorial

TWO ::  8 Slow Cooker Meals in 1 Hour

THREE :: Planner Comparison {Day Designer vs. Erin Condren Life Planner}

FOUR :: Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Birthday Party

FIVE :: Back on Weight Watchers {A Post About Dieting}


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