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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Sums Me Up

I really do pretend sometimes when I'm working out that I'm being attacked and about to die. 

A little dramatic?  Maybe. 

 But so is that panicky feeling that bathing suit season is upon us.  Gotta get in shape somehow.

Weekend Recap

FridayHunger Games!!!  Yes, we braved the crowds on opening night to see the Hunger Games.  I dragged Jason with me even though he didn't read the books.  He knew he didn't have much of a choice.  I bought out tickets online weeks in advance and we arrived at the theatre an hour early, but we still had to wait in line for a bit.  We got great seats, but had to have people on both sides of us, which I hate.  Jason lucked out and had a seemingly normal adult next to him.  I had a crazy kid whose parents were seats away so they didn't realize how annoying he was...he farted, chewed on ice, made squeaky noises with his seat and practically leaned on my shoulder!  It was all so worth it though.

After sitting out by the spring break party pool for a bit at our apartment (J and me felt very old) we met some friends for dinner at Ra Sushi.  This group was old friends and coworkers of Jason's that we hadn't seen in years!  It was the most I've laughed in a long time.  All of our cheeks hurt so much from laughing. 

This day marked the start of Jason's birthday week (on Thursday) so I cleaned the house, grocery shopped and made sopapilla cheesecake (Jason's fave) and cheddar chicken for dinner.  Jason's sis joined us too.  It was a great start to the week. 

Sidenote:  I'm not a whiz in the kitchen...I even had to call my mom and ask her how to make corn on the's bad people.  Ashley knows this about me so when she recommends a recipe to me, I'm confident that I can do it and it will be good.  All of the recipes in my arsenal are either from her or my mom.  So if you are like me, go check her blog out for easy, quick, and delicious recipes.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Five Things

Five Things I Loved This Week:

1.  One Tree Hill - cherishing the last few episodes
2.  Meeting Baby Olive and catching up with Sara, Ashley & Ryan
3.  Impromptu date night with Jason last night
4.  Tucker
5.  Perfect patio weather in Houston

BUT...the best was hanging out with my mommy!!!  We celebrated her birthday at our new fave place, Coal Vines this week!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Monday, Monday

This little face can always get me through a bad case of the Mondays...those colorful peep toes don't hurt either! 

Photo taken by the uber-talented Robyn Arouty, Houston pet photographer.  If you are an animal lover, Houston-resident or not, you should definitely follow her blog.  Not only will you get to see the best pet photography, but she is a true animal advocate and posts recaps of her adventures.  The latest one is incredible - the story and the pictures.  We need more people like Robyn in the world to be a voice for mistreated animals.

And if that isn't reason enough why she is cool, just looks at the shots she captured of Tucker HERE and HERE.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

We Finished!

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and St. Patrick's Day!  Jason and I are happy to report that we survived Warrior Dash on Saturday!  We had so much fun - the weather was beautiful, we finished the run in under an hour and completed ALL of the obstacles!  There was WAY more mud than I thought there would be, lots of deep water to wade through, and a couple of obstacles (the ropes walls) that I didn't think I would conquer, but I did!  Sidenote: the whole run smelled like horse and cow poo so I'm pretty sure we were running in that too...Jason's advice to me (and now mine to you) is to keep your mouth shut while running since mud/poo was flying everywhere!

Jason certainly could have completed it quicker, but chose to run alongside of me.  It was a great experience for us to do together...we crossed the finish line (and jumped over the fire) hand in hand. 

We are nursing some bruises, scrapes and sore muscles today (and a sunburn for me), but it was all so worth it.  I recommend this run to anyone.  I know Jason and I will do it again next year.  I'm hoping for some great course shots from the professional photographers, but here are a few before and after the race that we snapped. 
Before the race
Before.  Rocking the green for St. Patty's Day


Mandatory turkey leg and free beer post race

It looks like I have tan lines from my socks, but trust me, those are just mud lines!  I've never been so dirty and found mud in places mud shouldn't be!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Five Things

Rather than doing a recap of my week, I wanted to post Five Things that I loved this week.  I'm going to try and make this a regular Friday post. 
Five Things I Loved this Week:
1.  New car smell
2.  Running with Jason after work at Memorial Park
3.  Daylight Savings
4.  My mommy getting back into town
5.  Making plans with friends I haven't seen in awhile

Hope you had a great week and Happy St. Patty's Day!

Say A Little Prayer

Tomorrow Jason and I are running in the East Texas Warrior Dash.  You can read more about it HERE and on the official site.  I'm not gonna lie...I'm a little nervous.  Not because of the mud, fire or barbed wire, but because of the wall climbs, running over 3 miles and the unknown. 

Months ago I made a great workout plan so I would feel confident in my ability to run 3 miles plus 12 obstacles...epic fail.  Although I have been going to Define weekly, run/walking and doing aerobics, I DO NOT feel ready.  I realize for all you marathon runners, this is a stroll in the park, but let's be honest, I'm so not that girl.  One mile kicks my butt. 

We'll see what happens tomorrow!  You can follow my race progress tomorrow in real time on Facebook and Twitter

And since tomorrow is St. Patrick's Day, Jason and I will be sporting matching green outfits...that's the one element I always will make time to prepare for... the clothes...even if we will be covered in mud when all is said and done. 

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

March Birchbox Review

I have been like a kid on Christmas Eve waiting for my March Birchbox to arrive.  I obsessively track it online and excitedly run to the mailbox after work.  Jason thinks I'm very strange to say the least getting so excited over a "Bento Box" as he calls it. 

Anyway, the March Birchbox arrived yesterday...a car and a box of beauty samples in one day...the Purifoy household did have Christmas!  This month's box did not disappoint. 

A few weeks ago I received an email from Birchbox asking if I would rather receive the "Teen Vogue" version this month or opt for the regular box.  I went reg, but you can read about the Teen Vogue version from The Stylish Housewife here.  My box had the following, which by the way, were all generous portions aside from the eye card:

Boscia Green Tea Blotting Linens (Set of 25!!)
These shine-busting sheets absorb oil with all-natural green tea extracts.  Full-size, $10

Color Club Nail Lacquer in Lava Lamp
Brighten blah nails with this on-trend neon orange polish.  Full-size, $8

Grandma Stelle's Refreshing Hand Soap
Dress up your bathroom sink: this moisturizing hand wash has a winning citrus scent and leaves skin super soft.  Full-size, $20

Traditions by Nick Chavez Yucca Root Shampooing Cream
Hollywood stylists rave about the restorative abilities of this silky cleanser, which is made with fortifying wild yam and yucca root.  Full size, $20

Stila Smoky Eye Card
Take the guesswork out of matching eye makeup with this mini-palette.  3 shadows, $45

Kusmi Detox Tea
Look good, feel great.  This detoxifying blend of mate, green tea, and lemongrass is a delicious way to boost your wellness.  24 muslin tea bags, $21.95

I'm very excited to try the shampoo.  I can't ever get enough shampoo!  The hand soap smells really good, but I would never pay $20 for hand soap.  I've already tried the green tea oil blotting papers.  Works well, but the paper tears really easy.  I'll probably stick to my $4.00 Clean & Clear Oil Absorbing Sheets, but will use and so appreciate the 25 sheets included in my box!

Did anyone get a different Birchbox?  If you aren't a member yet, it's only $10.00 a month for a box of happy!  Join now HERE

Goodbye Miata, Hello Adult World

Yesterday I said goodbye to my cute little 2-seater convertible, named Zuma (yes, I name my cars).  I purchased him a few years ago after completing my MBA.  At the time, I didn't drive much except to and from work and running around town so he was perfect.  In my job today and looking into the future, he is VERY impractical.  Not very safe, terrible for long distance driving and impossible to hold much other than my purse.  I just realized after already parting ways that I do not have any pictures of him and I together!  Tragic.  This will have to do but don't feel too sad, I did kiss him goodbye and wished him good luck with future owners. 
Enter new company car...yet to be named, Honda CRV:

I love him (and yes, all of my cars are males)!  Oh to have a backseat and trunk again!!!  Very exciting day.  Any name ideas???  Jason's idea so far is Tanner because he is tan.  That husband of mine is beyond creative. 

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