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Friday, November 28, 2014

Five on {Black} Friday :: Thanksgiving, Starbucks and on to Christmas

Happy Friday & Day After Thanksgiving!  Were you in a food coma yesterday like I was?  I'm at work today trying to avoid all of the Black Friday crazies.  I'm just not sure how getting out in the chaos is even worth it especially with all of the great Cyber Monday and ongoing online deals to be found. 


As I said on Wednesday, Jack tested positive for the flu so we sadly stayed home yesterday.  I was really sad to miss hanging out with all of my family at my mom's, but I strongly believe in not infecting others for selfish reasons.  On the bright side, my mom lives just miles from me so I ran over to her house before lunchtime to drop off my Thanksgiving feast contributions and she let me dig into everything before it was even served and take a MAJOR to-go plate. 

I setup our dining room at home and even busted out the fine china.  The three of us had a perfect meal of turkey and all of the traditional fix-ins!  Lord, we did NOT starve.  Jack even perked up at lunchtime and enjoyed lots of turkey and Mac & Cheese. 

The rest of the day we just hung out at home, went for a stroll through the neighborhood and watched a lot of Mickey and Dora.  At least while Jack is sick, he hasn't lost his sense of humor!


What are you doing this weekend?  We plan to stick close to home and work on getting Jack fully recovered.  Luckily we don't have any major plans.  I will finally allow the Fall decor to be packed up and Christmas to come out!  We took some small steps yesterday and pulled all of the Christmas from the attic!


Jason and I plan to forgo Christmas gifts to each this year in lieu of a little parents-only getaway to Frederisksburg in early 2015.  We love Fredericksburg and I feel like it's the perfect two-night getaway for couples...a little wine, relaxation & good food.  We have never left Jack overnight even once so this will be huge for us!  We've stayed at several B&B's there before, but would love to try something new.  Any recommendations? 

Luckenbach, TX
2008 - 2011


I intended to post a Stocking Stuffer idea list earlier this week {and still may}, but these Starbucks mugs are just too cute not to mention today.  The Starbucks Dot Collection includes over 100 designs, all under $20 making it a great Stocking Stuffer, Gift Swap or girlfriend gift.  And to sweeten the gift, you could always add a little giftcard inside.  Just love these!


...And if you are looking for the ultimate Starbucks-Fan gift you can try and nab a sold-out online Sterling Silver Starbucks Card keychain that comes pre-loaded with $50! 

And I thought I was a fan with my Starbucks Cup Ornament and Gold Card...this is next level!

Hope you have a great weekend!


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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Then Life Happened

I had grand plans of getting a "Stocking Stuffer Idea List" out yesterday for the favorite things linkup and a "What To Wear on Thanksgiving" post out today...but then life happened. 

Jack got his cast off on Monday and was all set to have a followup appointment with his pediatrician this morning to check his ear infection and then...tested positive for the flu! 

We can't seem to catch a break lately! 

Anyway, our Thanksgiving plans have now been derailed and we plan to spend a quiet day at home instead of at my mom's.  Don't feel too sorry for us - I'm sure my mom will bring lots of yummy leftovers to us.  It will just be a bummer to miss seeing all of our Houston relatives when this is the year we were to spend Thanksgiving with them therefore won't see them at Christmas.  They always seem to get the short end of the stick.  But I digress...

I'm finishing up a few things at work this afternon before heading home to be with sickie.  And yes, I plan to be back at work on Friday.  No Black Friday shopping for me. 

Are you planning any Black Friday sales?  Do share!  I'm honestly already sick of the Black Friday {that seems to have already started on Wednesday}, Cyper Monday and Small Business Saturday sales.  We got it...everything is on sale.  Let's move on. 

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Weekend Recap

Hello Lovelies!  Hope you had a great weekend.  If you are off this entire week {likely teachers} I'm super jealous.  No rest for me, but instead of calling today Monday we shall call it Thanksgiving Week kickoff...

...and {hopefully} also the day my baby gets his cast off.  Fingers crossed!  We are seeing the doctor first thing in the morning...I'm sure I'll be posting updates on Instagram

On Friday we were super predictable and watched How To Get Away With Murder in bed before calling it a night. - whoa - love that show and can't believe we have to wait until January for a new one!  We are always so exhausted on Fridays from the week and Jason had an extra killer week at work. 

On Saturday it was supposed to be rainy all day plus Jack is still recovering from being sick last week so we just ran a few errands, grabbed lunch and headed home for a few small projects including hanging these file holders on Jack's wall for his ever-growing book collection. 

Saturday afternoon I left the boys at home and headed to Shannon's Confirmation mass.  I am so proud of her and it was beautiful to see her receive her first Communion and be confirmed.  After the mass, all of the girls had a special dinner for her at Ouisie's Table - one of our favorite restaurants in Houston. 

As Shannon pointed out, the rain {once inside} was actually so beautiful to watch from our table {one of my favorite things about Shannon is seeing the positive in everything}.  It was also fun to watch the wedding reception going on in the main restaurant.  We had a wonderful meal that lasted longer the wedding reception!

On Sunday I woke up feeling exhausted and under the weather - that's what my night owl tendencies during the week get me!  We opted out of church {terrible} and were lazy at home until around 11:30 when we headed to my step-sisters house for the Texans game and a little pre-Thanksgiving bash since none of us will be together on Thursday.  Jack had lots of fun playing with his cousin who is only a month younger than him! 

After the Texans LOST we headed to my mom & LE's house to celebrate LE's birthday with coffee and fave!  My mom couldn't find any birthday candles so she sure did stick a candle off the mantle into the cobbler.  Gotta love it!

Jack loved playing on their player piano and petting all of the animals they have mounted throughout the house.  He kept saying "a bird," "a duck," "a quack," "a deer."  It was precious. 

Now I'm sitting in bed watching the AMA's and planning to hit the hay very soon! 

AMA highlights?  So far I've loved Iggy Izalea, Lorde and Sam Smith.  Selena Gomez's performance was very real and raw too.  And my goodness, I've never been a huge Taylor Swift fan, but this girl keeps getting more beautiful and gracious and real and I love how she seems to love her sweet girlfriends who all support each other.  And whoa - Fergie looks amazing!  I can't wait for Jennifer Lopez and Iggy to close it out!

Hope you have a great week!

Friday, November 21, 2014

My {Hypothetical} Christmas Wishlist :: Ideas for You Too!

In case you are stumped on the Christmas list ideas for you or your BFF, here are a few things on my wishlist this year.  I'm not really sure who I'm expecting to give me these items, since the majority of our families are opting out of traditional gift giving for White Elephant type exchanges in an effort to control the chaos, but I digress. 

It's just a fun little list of things I would love to have in my dreams!


Kendra Scott {anything}
We all know I love anything KS, but boy do I LOVE the drusy items from the Glam Rocks collection especially the {all pictured above} Gold Drusy Ellie Stud Earrings, Ella Ring in Gold Drusy, Arden Bracelet in Bronze Drusy, and Cathy Earrings ...pretty much anything gold or bronze drusy!
I just love this scarf and feel like it will go with everything I own...what a great price too!

I so don't need this as I already have a FitBit, but it's one that clips on your pants or bra.  I love it so much, but am ready to upgrade to the Flex which also tracks your sleep.  Plus, I'd prefer to wear on my wrist!  This was one of the best gifts I received last year from my mom.  If you are stumped for a gift for someone - go with a FitBit!

Guess Faux Quilted Leather Jacket in Cognac
Blog reviews on this jacket are so amazing!  My friend Meagan says it's even better in person and so, so soft. 

Philosophy Skincare Set - Miracle Worker Here or Here
Getting old stinks and I was not kind to my skin with the sun and tanning beds.  I really love the Miracle Worker line from Philosophy, but am running out of my samples.

Urban Decay Naked Palette
Just look at it...and how great would this look with some Kendra Gold Drusy items!

I just love this holiday set!  It comes with 3 different eye shadow palettes, 2 blush/bronzer combos and my fave mascara.

I think I've sen Sheaffer wear this neckalce one too many times so I now feel like I need it too! 

And when in doubt, giftcards are the can never go wrong {asking or giving} a giftcard in my opinion.  Nordstrom, Starbucks and Kendra are all great ways to go!


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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Jack's Playroom Inspiration Board

Jack's Playroom Inspiration Board

I'm currently working on creating a playroom for Jack in our upstairs family room.  Right now the room consists of a desk and chair (that rarely get used), TV and a couch/chair/end table.  Jack's toys are kept in baskets and there is a lot of space for him to play.   
I'm told that originally this room was several rooms in our house, but previous owners knocked down walls and we lost our tall entryway to create this ultra large "gameroom" for what was once used as a homeschool classroom.  It's an interesting room for sure that has been the source for lots of conversations as to what we should use it for.  My goal is to make it more cozy and functional for everyone so we will want to spend more time in it. 
Eventually we want to replace the couch and chair with a large, comfy sectional, but there are higher things on our financial priority list at the moment.  Ugh!
Back to Jack's playroom.  I'm looking to add neutral pieces that can be easily moved to work in other rooms as we grow as a family like when the time comes for Jack to move to a "big boy room." 
My inspiration is above!  I'm going for an indoor campsite vibe.  All I have currently is a few stuffed animals, some arrow garland to add to the teepee and one wall print - ha!  Definitely a work in progress!  We plan to give Jack a teepee from Santa this year and I'm hoping to add the Ikea pieces very soon {table and chairs, easel, book shelves}. 

I'm obsessed with that Raccoon pillow from Land of Nod.  Especially since we have raccoons running around in our backyard and Jack likes to say rakoo.  Land of Nod also has the cutest S'Mores Campfire Set and Sleeping Bag that would look great with the look I'm aiming for. 
I would also love to have this image by Mommas Gonna Snap printed as a large canvas to hang on the wall.  Where is your favorite place to order your canvases from? 
Jason and I had a personalized rustic sign at our wedding that I already have hung in this room and will look great with everything else I'm planning {I hope}.  Designer I am not!!!

Stay tuned for progress on this room.  Once I get the itch to do something, it's hard for me to not jump all in and get it done, but I have to wait until at least Christmas since that is when we will give Jack his teepee.  Hopefully I can collect most everything else by then too so by Jan. 1 it's done!  This will be really hard for me as I already wanted to start moving furniture last night {my husband just rolls his eyes}... 
So am I missing anything?  Have you seen any pieces lately that I should checkout? 

Monday, November 17, 2014

My Love/Hate Relationship with Blogland

I've been blogging for over 6 years - clearly I love it!  I love the friends I've made, the memories that are captured and the supportive community that come along with the blogosphere. 

But with any good thing there are always drawbacks. 

Today I'm feeling those. 

Maybe it's just the time of year - I always get tense and stressed and honestly, it's just not the hap-happiest season of all to me.  Don't get me wrong, I love that it is a time to reflect on the year and celebrate the birth of Jesus, but the pressure for the decorations, gift-giving, picture taking, card-exchanging and thousands of other {silly} obligations get to me. 

I had a rough day today {hello double-ear infection on my already broken-legged boy and a car that decided to die this morning when we needed to get to doc}.  I thought scrolling through my blogroll would be a nice way to unwind this evening. 


I just read {what felt like} a million posts reporting that...

...Christmas decorations are up and perfect
...100% of their gifts are purchased
...100% of their gifts are purchased, wrapped and under the {freaking} tree
...Not only is the perfect tree up, but we put up five!!!
...Christmas cards are ordered, addressed and ready for the mail

And I'm officially hyperventilating!!!

I'm honestly happy for all of you go-getters out there.  I promise I'm not being jealous or bitter. 

I'm just reporting that sometimes our little blogland makes me feel like crap about myself, but I guess that is social media in general.  Why am I comparing my whole life to someone else's highlight reel? 

I guess I just didn't get the memo that fall decor pre-Thanksgiving is so OUT this year.  Being ready for Christmas Day on November 17 is the new black. 

Friday, November 14, 2014

Five on Friday :: Catching Up

Happy Friday everyone.  I realize that my blogging as of late has consisted of only Five Random Thoughts on Fridays followed by a weekend recap.  I hope to get back to a regular blogging schedule, but with the holidays around the corner I'm not making any promises.  I know, I know, I'm breaking all of the good blogger rules.  I'm a rebel like that. 

In my blogging absence, make sure to follow me on Instagram @ChelseaPurifoy where things are a little more active and consistent!


Hooray for cold weather in Texas this week!  I've been able to wear vests and boot and scarves, oh my!  My new uniform consists of: leggings or skinny jeans, tall boots, plaid shirt and vest.  I've had to dress it up this week for work a bit, but went all casual today for Friday...luckily I can get away with that on Fridays in my office. 


Old Navy has been killing it lately in the casual/loungewear department.  I scored a few things last week using my Old Navy Fast Cash and discount codes and my mom scored a few great things too that she has been rocking this week.  Their flannel pants are my favorite and are as low as $12 right now!

1 / 2 / 3 / 4


A little family update.  Jack is doing great with the cast and yes, it's still on although it is looking pretty shabby.  The heel is getting super worn from being dragged all over the house via the butt-scoot and dead-leg crawl.  Jack has also started to pull the inside lining out.  Fingers crossed it can survive one more week!  We got back on 11/24 to {hopefully} get it off.  Jason is finally feeling better after a week of being sick, but now Jack is back with the sniffles.  We are literally just swapping this cold back and forth. 

Jack's new toy from my step-brother this week - a Texans motorcycle rocker

The three of us are supposed to go to my company's annual staff picnic tomorrow, but with the forecast calling for cold temps and rain and the fact that the picnic is mostly outdoors at a park I think I may fly solo on this my vest and riding boots of course. 


There are two recipes that I plan to try this weekend:

Darby's Two-Minute Crockpot Tortellini
Chicken Avocado Soup


I loved Megan's post {Honey We're Home} over on I Heart Organizing yesterday for a DIY Holiday Card Caddy so much that I went home and promptly recreated it myself last night.  The only items I didn't already have were some gold pulls that I purchased from Lowe's and hot-glued on and the tray that I found at Home Goods. 

I originally went in looking for the bamboo cutlery tray that Megan used, but my Home Goods did not have it and I was not about to make another stop so I improvised with a clear acrylic tray that has gold polka dots on the bottom.  I decided to not make mine Christmas themed so I can use it all year.  I love sending snail mail!

Hope you have a wonderful and restful weekend.  Thanks for hanging with my little blog!



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Monday, November 10, 2014

Weekend Recap

Hooray - we had a great weekend that was urgent-care free!  I wish we had at least one more day to hang at home as a family, but that's a typical Monday feeling right.


Hooray for Friday!!! was how I felt all day.  I snapped this sweet photo of Jack Friday morning that I just love.  His poor little leg, but how sweet is it with the Ugg on the other.  Luckily this longer cast hasn't budged!

Jack started feeling much better and had his normal energy and humor back finally!



We were pretty lazy Saturday morning just playing with Jack and hanging out.  After Jack's morning nap {he has reverted back to two naps a day since his leg incident} we headed to lunch, the grocery store and a Starbucks run.  All of that would normally sound pretty boring, but getting to hang out with my little family and not be in crisis mode was pretty much heaven. 

I made turkey lettuce wraps for dinner and Jason and I caught up on our new favorite show How To Get Away With Murder after putting Jack to sleep. 

Proof that it was a truly relaxing day?  I didn't take one picture!


Our church had a special service at the later time only {11:15} so it forced us to be lazy at home all morning instead of rushing around for the early service.  The service was great, Jack got to play with his friends in the nursery and the service was followed by a wonderful catered lunch outside.  The weather was perfect and I could tell Jack enjoyed being outdoors. 

Jason dropped Jack and I at home after lunch so Jack could get a nap in before pictures.  Jason had to run back up to the church to help cleanup so this gave me the opportunity to lay in bed in a quiet house for a whole hour...bliss! 

Around 3:30 we headed to our photographer's beautiful home in the country for her annual "Jingle Jammies" mini session.  This year the set was outside and the weather could not have been more perfect.  What made it even more special is all of the deer walking around behind her house.  Jack was in heaven and kept pointing at them. 

Have a great week!!!
And Houston Bloggers, be sure and register for the Thrive Conference happening in February in The Woodlands.  Registration just opened today!

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