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Monday, March 30, 2009


Are out! They were mailed last week and have been arriving at their homes. My amazing mom, Shelley graciously addressed all of them herself. (She actually banned me from even touching them because I have such awful handwriting), but whatever, they look amazing!

Since the invitations are in people's hands, I can finally show you what we chose. (This is a sample of the invitation). We used a mix of script and the font below. Very simple invitations, that go with our garden wedding theme. I love them! Hope you do too.

We used the "Wedding Heart" stamp below on both our invitation and reply cards. The sage green stamp (below) was used on the reply card and the same stamp, but in creme was used on the invitation.

What type of stamp did you use on your invites? I love custom stamps with people's pics on them like below from Chris + Flora, but that will add some major moolah $$ onto your wedding budget. Yay for the wedding hearts stamp!

Jason and I just lucked out that there was already a stamp out there that perfectly matched our wedding theme and invites!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

More Shower Pics

Here are a few more pictures from our first shower in Jason's hometown. We are still waiting to see the proofs from our engagement know I will post them as soon as they are out.
Also, today is my amazing and wonderful fiance's birthday!!! Unfortunately, I am not with him on his special day. I am at a conference for work, but can't wait to celebrate Jason's day when I return.

Enjoy the pics...the last one should make you laugh hysterically which is always needed on a Sunday night/Monday morning!
Opening gifts...

Jason's grandmothers...

Jason's mommys...

The fam that includes Doyletta, Michelle, JoJo and Kandi...

Jason's mom and my mom...

Finally, here is the one that is sure to bring you a laugh at my expense...what in the world am I doing, and why do I feel compelled to share it with you? Laughter...

Monday, March 23, 2009

Engagement Pics...

Are taken! We had so much fun yesterday running around downtown Houston taking our engagement pictures. We got lots of awesome shots, including ones of Tucker! We got everything I wanted...a bench shot, a downtown building shot, a laying in the grass shot, a puppy shot with Tucks, a walking the street shot, a ring shot and the green/blue tiled wall shot. Yea!!!

Jason and I can't wait to see them and of course we will share with you as soon as we do. After we finished with the pics we were starving. I have been so good lately on my diet that I felt I needed a little cheat so we had my favorite...Mexican food at Escalante's. It was a perfect end to a perfect day...except when I had to write a paper after we got home and I was exhausted!
I had an awesome makeup artist, Amanda come to my apartment to give me a pretty face for the shoot. Here I am when she was finished...
Makeup close-up...I am so serious...I kinda look like I'm going to kill someone-oops!
Our after pics meal...cheese enchiladas and fresh guacamole-yum!

I was REALLY happy!
And Jason was really sleepy...doesn't he look handsome!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Pup Pics 2

A past co-worker of mine recently took engagement pictures in Oklahoma and they incorporated their chocolate lab, Riley into the pics! The shots are courtesy of Carl Zoch Photography. Enjoy!

Oh yeah and keep your fingers crossed that we can take our e-pics tomorrow! As our luck would have it, it is a 20% chance of rain.

If Tucker posed like this it would be sad since he had so many teeth removed last month!

Riley is not in this one, but I just like it...

Friday, March 20, 2009

Pup Pics

I found these adorable wedding day pup pics from Darci's wedding of With This Ring... blog. Her precious dog's name is Lola. Enjoy!

Lola rockin' those pearls...and yes, she matched the bridesmaids.

Having a pre-wedding pow-wow...

Going to the chapel...

Happy Friday everyone!!!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Meet our Venue

I went to our wedding and reception venue today because I drive past it almost everyday and it was just too pretty to resist today...welcome:

Scary bridge that I will have to walk down to get to the alter #1:
Bridge #2:
Almost there....are you out of breath yet?

Getting closer...
Stop! That's enough for today! Let's look at the animals that were there to greet me. Here is Mr. Softshell turtle:

And the other turtles...

Peacock #1...I just love these guys!
I learned today, why they say "leaping lizards." This guy was on the ground, but lizards kept jumping around everywhere!
The ducks...

This guy was in a bad mood. he kept picking on all the other peacocks and he kind of scared me!

That's his bad side...

I also saw a raccoon which is weird since it was 5 in the afternoon. He was way too fast to catch on camera! Have a great Friday.

Wedding Diet Update

I know I haven't posted much on the wedding diet progress, but things are really going great! I got off to a slow start, but have been doing much better now that I am feeling the pressure!!! I am still on Jenny Craig, but what has made the most difference is my workouts.

My size 8 clothes are definitely getting looser and I can now where some of my size 6 jeans. The best indicator of my weight loss came last week when I was able to try on my wedding dress for the first time!!! It looked amazing and MUCH better than the first time I had it on. You could really see a difference in my stomach and sides. I even received a few comments last week about how my face looks thinner!!!

My plan for the next week is to start getting my arms toned up and to keep losing that weight! My first dress fitting is not until the end of April.

Beginning weight: 146
Current weight: 134.5

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Tie-ing the Knot

Since Jason and I are having a more casual, garden wedding, He, the BM, and the ushers will be wearing suits instead of tuxes. Jason and the BM will be wearing navy suits and white shirts.

Our plan is to find 2 coordinating ties like below, but in navy and periwinkle. Jason really likes stripes and paisleys so hopefully we can find something perfect for him, Stephen and my brother, Carter (an usher) to wear.

Here is a reminder of what the MOH dress looks like:

And...drum roll please...the boys ties...Jason's, Stephen's, and Carters!!!

And of course a shot with their socks. Originally we wanted argyle socks with navy and periwinkle, but when I found the perfect shade of solid perwinkle socks this past weekend, I could not pass them up!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Rock the Socks

Jason and I are looking for argyle socks for our wedding with navy and periwinkle (that's not too much to ask right) for him and his crew to wear. Stripes would work too! We want to have some pics like this:

Courtesy of Tying the Knot

Some others I love...

I have searched Banana Republic, Gap, J Crew, Dillard's and Express. Any other suggestions?

Monday, March 16, 2009

I Heart Houston

Since our engagement pics were postponed a week it gives me more time to browse the web looking for inspiration pics. I found these from a Houston shoot that I tagged a long time ago. I love finding Houston shots because we actually have the ability to find and use these backdrops.

Do we like any of these...

This pic is taken around Herman Park and the Houston Museum of Natural Science:

Does anyone know where this one is? Awesome tiles!!!
I love the perfect blue sky, the tall Houston buildings and the fact that the couple is standing in the middle of the road!

And drum roll know how I love bright walls! I have never seen this wall before, but obviously it is at Treebeards restaurant. We may have to scope this one out. Thoughts?


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