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Friday, July 31, 2009

Vote for Us!

Jason and I have a photo gallery on The on the "Real Weddings" page. You can leave comments about our photos and rate them!

Have a great weekend. On the agenda for us:

- Study finance
- Write a paper
- HR Take-home final
- Clean house
- Have friends over for dinner
- Do some registry completion at Macy's!

Honest Scrap Award

Ashley from Newlyweds and Nesting passed along the Honest Scrap Award to me so here goes! Thanks Ashel!

The rules are:
1. List 10 honest things about yourself that your blogging friends do not know about you.
2. Give the award away to 7 bloggers.
3. Let them know they've received the award.


1. Since I am an avid concert-goer and used to work in radio, I have met tons of musicians including Pat Green, Rascal Flatts, Keith Urban, Sum 41, 311, Kenny Chesney, Rancid, Gretchen Wilson, Devo (yes, the whip-it band) among others. I have also touched Dave Grohl (Food Fighters) and Rivers Cuomo (Weezer). My goal is to meet Aersomith...anyone out there know how to set this up?

Jason and I at the Aerosmith concert a few weeks ago

2. I have 3 tattoos...yes, you would never have guessed it, I know! Not my proudest three moments, but luckily even as a really stupid 18 year old, I was smart enough to get them in discrete places...anyone know of a good tattoo laser remover?

3. My nickname from Jason is "Beans." There really is no story behind this one; that just what he calls me. I also LOVE junior mints so he sometimes call me that too. Ashley calls me "Chels-a-roo". Again, no story- just random!

4. I love scary movies...the gorier, the better. My fave is the Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

Me with "Jason" at the Premiere of Friday the 13th

5. I have always liked to get involved in unique activities: I showed dogs in professional dog shows, played the oboe in junior high and was on the jump rope team, The Armadillo Ropers, in elementary school.

6. I have secretly always wanted to be in a band. Can't sing, can't play an instrument, but a girl can dream!

Left to right: Dianne, Ashley, Me, Page, Monsher - belting it some Nsync during a work conference

7. Although I love my car, Gavin (I am being really sarcastic), I want a mini-cooper. Not practical, but so cute!

8. I was awarded "Greek Woman of the Year" at my college, University of North Texas for my involvement with my sorority, Pi Beta Phi, and other work within the campus community.

9. I designed my wedding after Jenna Bush's, putting my own personal touches in along the way.

Jenna's Wedding

My wedding

10. Since my parents are both remarried I have a total of 4 step-sisters and 4 step-brothers, plus my 1 biological brother Carter, makes for a lot of family. I love it!

From left to right: Carter, Jessica, Me, Nicole

I now pass this award on to the following bloggers:

1. Laura at Being the Cheese
3. Sarah at One Stitch Short
5. Stephanie at The Chipper Chicken
6. Ed at Borges World

Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Great Wedding Band Debate - Followup

My goodness I could not make a decision about what to do about a wedding band. Go custom, nothing at all, regular band for when I don't wear my e-ring. I finally decided to do the custom route and I couldn't be more happy! It turned out great.

I really had no idea what the ring would look like other than it would wrap around my ring and have diamonds. I suspected it would look something like this:
And the end result...

What do you think?
Photos by Kelly Niemann

Saturday, July 25, 2009

My Mind Is Going to Explode!

The next 2 weeks are going to be crazy. I am down to the final 2 weeks of this summer session and it is packed! Here is my to-do list for school:

HR Staffing and Performance:
- Presentation, Mon. 7/27
- Paper, Mon. 8/3 by 6pm
- Take-home final/mini paper, Mon. 8/3 by 6pm

Finance (the death of me)
- Presentation, Wed. 7/29
- Paper, Sun. 8/2 by 11:59 pm
- Take-home final, Sun. 8/2 by 11:59 pm

To make things worse, I still have to work my normal 8 to 5 job. Yikes! Obviously, blogging will be very light for awhile, but I have some great ideas for upcoming posts and...

the professional pics are out and I can't wait to share them with you! Here is a sneak peek:

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Lindsey & Jody's Wedding - Part II

Jody and Lindsey's wedding was absolutely beautiful! Jason was so cute standing next to the groom and did a great job ushering in everyone including the grandmothers. Jody and Lindsey had a string quartet play great music before and during the ceremony including "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" and the "Rocky" theme song as they were announced and excited the chapel!

After the ceremony, we were ushered outside the ranch for a cocktail hour. Old Glory Ranch is very beautiful and rustic...truly Lindsey and Jody.

Here I am with the beautiful bride:

Awful picture, but I wanted to show you the back of the dress!

Jenni, a friend and coworker of mine. Wedding bells will be ringing for her soon!

Yes, that is a donkey. There were two that greeted all of the guests as we exited the chapel. It was a part of the "waitstaff" and had Coronas and water bottles in their baskets.

Lindsey's mom surprised her with what I named a "Scrapbook" cake. It was made out of cardboard and had different elements of their lives like horses, chihuahuas and hunting items.

The bride and groom...

Another unique element was a "guest book quilt." Everyone could sign a square with sweet notes and words or wisdom to later be made into a quilt for Jody and Lindsey!

And back inside...things were getting set for the reception. Loved her cake! It was so yummy too!

Closeup with bridal bouquet!

And the groom's cake...

Just before the bride and groom had their grand finale sparkler or as Jody called it "firework" exit, Lindsey changed into a short white and gold strapless dress and cowboy boots. Note: that is not Jody in the picture.- have no idea who that is.

And what would a wedding be without the "Soldier Boy?" Jason- I love you!

After lots of dancing...

Saturday, July 18, 2009

100th Post!

I thought this pic was appropriate for the 100th post on The Perfect Catch. I love getting up on the weekend, getting comfy on the couch with my first cup of morning coffee and catching up on my blogs or writing a new post.

Thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts with me. Can't wait to write the next 100 posts.

Chelsea & Company (J and Tuck)

Friday, July 17, 2009

A Truly Unique Wedding

Even though I LOVE reading wedding blogs and looking at wedding pictures, sometimes it gets a little stale...the same pretty cakes, flowers, etc.

For a truly unique wedding- circus meets the south- visit the gals over at one of my favorite wedding blogs, Southern Weddings today to see Halli and Adam's wedding.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Lindsey & Jody's Wedding - Part I

Jason and I headed up to San Marcos this past weekend for Lindsey and Jody's wedding weekend. Jody and Jason have been friends since they were little. Jason was a groomsman so the weekend began with the rehearsal at their wedding venue, Old Glory Ranch in Wimberly, Texas.

After the rehearsal, we went to dinner at the Salt Lick- world famous Texas BBQ in Driftwood, Texas. The place was great, the band was so much fun and the food was AMAZING! Look at this super cute sign that was in front of the restaurant!

Love these centerpieces. So cute and easy to do for your own backyard BBQ!

Jason and I stayed at the Embassy Suites Resort and Conference Center in San Marcos. I wish I would have taken pics because it was so nice and new, but I forgot. It is a perfect place to stay if want to outlet shop- I could see the Outlet Center from our room. I was good though and didn't even go - I have to save that dough!

Next up: The Wedding

Lindsey and Jody's Engagement Pics as featured on The Perfect Catch.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Jason, Wanna Get Married Again?

Because if we do, I can wear this...

I am in love with this "Josephine" wedding dress with a green sewn-on ribbon sash. Dress by Stephanie James Couture. Don't get me wrong- I am still in love wtih my wedding dress-it was "the dress" as they say. Okay married ladies-how long did it take you to get out of "wedding mode"? I am not sure I ever will. Even though I am not planning one anyone, weddings are just so much fun to look at and read about.

Wedding Weekend

Jason and I are headed to San Marcos, TX this weekend to attend a wedding for Lindsey and Jody. Jody is one of Jason's best friends so of course, Jason is a groomsmen. We will be attending their rehearsal dinner at the Salt Lick followed by a Saturday evening wedding and reception at Old Glory Ranch in Wimberly, TX. It should be a grand, true-to-Texas wedding!

My brother lives in San Marcos so I am hoping to get a chance to spend some time with him...he finishes he very last day of college tomorrow...congrats Carter!

In other family news, my step-sister, Jessica, got engaged a few days ago. Congrats Jessica and Emory! Can't wait to hear all about the wedding planning.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Our House

Jason and I have been in such a whirlwind lately, that I just realized we haven't even told you where we are living. Although, we wanted to shop for our perfect "first home" together, we made a very adult decision and decided to live in Jason's current house for a few years until the market is better to sell in. Don't get me wrong- Jason's townhouse is great-it's just not our dream home and I was afraid it wouldn't feel like "our" home, but as "his" home.

It really is growing on me though. I feel very safe in it and it is so warm and cozy! Here is the grand tour...please keep in mind that we are still settling in and making changes to it.

Stats on the house: 3bdrm/2.5 bath/2 stories/2 car garage and a back patio

Here is the front entrance - view is from the top of the stairs.

Living room- I love the hardwoods and the fireplace. Jason loves our new TV.

Another view of the living room...our furniture and decorative items mixed and matched really great together!

View of living room from the kitchen...notice Jason in his usual spot watching a scary movie! You can also see Tucker's blankie where he likes to sleep behind the couch.

There is a space between the living room and the kitchen that could be used for a dining room, but we turned it into a cozy little sitting area. I like to read there, J likes to do work also always ends up being where we have coffee together in the morning or talking about our days in the evening.

Another reading nook that J created for me under the stairs!

The kitchen...notice my Orla Kiely is from her less expensive Target collection!

This is the cute fireplace in our bedroom...and yes our bedroom walls are red-not my doing, but we will hopefully change that soon. They make me crazy.
The master bedroom is great because it is huge, but the bathroom and closets could definitely be bigger...a girl can only dream!

This is our "guest bedroom," meaning soon it will be a guest bedroom. For now, it is my office/extra closet/place to put my girly decorative items/wedding registry central! That is a project for a long weekend. I do like doing my homework there though!

The other bedroom or really, Jason's office...very manly! This room also has another closet that is full of my clothes...basically I have clothes all over the entire house...can we say time to clean-out?
And yes, those are peacock feathers in a vase on his desk. We collected those at the site where we were married when we first started dating and no, we did not pluck them out of the birds...they were on the ground!

Jason is painting our upstairs hallway right now and he decided to leave me a message the other night!

Good night everyone! Please pray for me on Wednesday night- I have a huge Finance midterm that is stressing me OUT!

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