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Thursday, June 21, 2012

I Heart Kendra Scott

Earlier this month while in Austin for Maddie's wedding, Jason was kind enough to humor me and we went to the Kendra Scott store before heading home.  I've recently fallen in love with all things Kendra Scott so I was very excited to see her flagship store!

Beautiful store was very light and summery

The Color Bar to have pieces custom made

Loved that earrings were hanging from the little trees

We bought Jeanna, my sis-in-law a little something for taking care of Tucker that weekend.

For Jeanna, the new Sky earrings in Salmon.  The Sky earrings are the smaller and lighter version of Skylar.

And since we were there I figured I had to buy myself something too...the Elle earrings in Green.  I love my Danielle earrings, but these are great since they a bit smaller and lighter.  I'm able to wear them more including to work.  For my line of work, the Danielle's are little too flashy.
What are your Kendra Scott faves?

1 comment:

  1. Did I already tell you about the half off birthday discount if you go into the store during your birthday month!? I vaguely recall maybe telling you, but maybe I just thought about telling you! Love ya!



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