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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Mid Week Muse: Let's Get Fit!

If you have been reading my blog lately you know that I'm on a mission to lose my baby weight {from a year ago} and just feel healthier.  As someone who isn't naturally athletic and has to really force myself to workout, I've discovered two things that help me get those workouts in:

1 - A new outfit makes me feel good and motivated, even if that new outfit is workout wear
2 - I'm fiercely competitive

ONE - Lululemon is my go-to, although I also have a few Splits59 pieces that I love.  For the hair, you can't go wrong with a Sparkly Soul headband!

I'm loving this new Lululemon "Runsie."  I have not tried it on so I can not speak of the functionality or fit, but I love the idea...especially for the Houston heat. 

TWO - To take advantage of my competitiveness, I am LOVING my FitBit Zip.  The Zip Model (which is the least expensive of them all) clips to your bra or belt and tracks your steps, calories burned and distance.  I'm competitive with myself and try to reach my goal of 10,000 steps each day, but I also get competitive with my FitBit friends.  You can actually see their steps from the App and try to beat each other each week!  If you already use FitBit and want to be "friends" find me here!

I'm considering upgrading to the FitBit Flex which is the bracelet that does everything the Zip does, but also tracks your sleep patterns.  I sometimes don't like clipping the Zip to my bra or belt depending on my outfit so I the bracelet may be a better option...but the real reason for the upgrade is that Tory Burch is teaming up with FitBit to do a Gold Bracelet and Pendant that fits your FitBit.  Pricing, release dates or official images have yet to be released, but I will let you know as soon as it is! 

Thanks to Ann Elliott and Pampers & Pearls for hosting this weekly linkup!
Ann Elliott

Monday, June 23, 2014

Weekend Recap + Red, White & Blue

It's Monday and I'm exhausted!  No restful weekend for me, but sometimes that's how it goes.  This past week was a doozy so I'm looking forward to getting back on track and schedule this week and NOT making any plans this weekend!

Last week Jason was supposed to be in Orlando for a work conference.  He flew there on Monday just to turn around and fly right back Monday afternoon after learning that his grandfather (who was in the hospital) had taken a turn for the worse. Jason felt like he needed to be there so after making it back to Houston on Monday night, drove to Dallas Tuesday morning where he stayed the rest of the week. 


I loaded up the car Friday morning with Jack and Tucker and a car full of stuff and headed to Corsicana - Jason's hometown - to meet Jason.  After a long and loud 3.5 hour car ride we made it just to get back in the car and head to Dallas.  We visited Jason's grandfather for a bit in the hospital with Jack and then drove back to Corsicana for dinner with Jason's family.  After getting Jack to bed, J and I had to take care of a few things at his grandfather's house.

I was very proud of myself for sticking with my diet during this hectic travel day.  No bad gas station food for this girl!  Too bad I didn't find any time for a 30 minute workout.  Some days it's just not in the cards. 


I had been looking forward to this day for a LONG time because we were headed to Tyler to see Ashley and celebrate her little one's first birthday - a red, white and blue BBQ!  With all of the craziness going on I protected this day as if I was going to see the Pope.  Ash and I may text daily, but we don't get to see each other very often so even though it was only for a few hours, it was high priority for me to be there!

The party was awesome - we had a great time and Jack had a blast watching the older boys, swinging on the back porch and eating birthday cake! 

Of course I made my family was dress for the theme.  Too bad I didn't get one picture of us together.  I guess we will have to do a family outfit repeat for the Fourth of July to get a picture!  #momfail

Jason wore a white polo and blue and white checkered shorts.  I won't even try to find the links to those from JoS. A. Bank

Jack wore a Hanna Andersson Baby Tanker


He also sported the Hanna Anderson Baby Sleeper in "Seeing Stars" to continue the party theme into the evening! The star print is sold out online, but is still available (and on sale) at some stores including Houston. 


Excuse my appearance.  This is at 8:00 after a very long day!
The "Stars and Stripes" pattern is equally as cute and festive and is still available online, but quantities are low so order fast!


And I wore this Tommy Hilfiger colorblocked shift dress

After the party on Saturday, we drove back to Corsicana for another family dinner and to visit with more family.  That evening after everyone was ready for bed I made time for a quick 30 minute workout so I didn't get too off track.  I ate pretty good on Saturday, but did splurge on birthday cake, a slice of Cheesy Jalapeno Bread and a few carbs after 6pm. 


On Sunday we headed out to see Jason's grandmother at her nursing home.  We took Jack and were able to have a little belated celebration for her birthday and mother's day.  We went straight from that visit to lunch with Jason's father's side of the family followed by one more stop at his mom's house before hitting the road.  It was another long drive with no naps for me since we were in two cars.  I was so happy to be home! 


Our house is pretty much in disarray since I didn't have anytime to go to the grocery store, finish the laundry, etc. 

Don't you hate starting the week unorganized?  I'm hoping to get a little more done this evening including a long workout...probably while watching Ladies of London! 

The Most Helpful Apps

I'm over on Houston Moms Blog today talking about the apps that make my life easier!  And thank you to Annie over at Home of Malones for the heads up on the Slice app.  It is my new favorite app.  If you do a lot of online shopping you must check it out!

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Thoughts for Thursday: 21 Day Fix Update

I am currently on Day 18 of the 21 Day Fix (first cycle).  I haven't followed it perfectly the whole time, but that's life.  I am proud of myself that when I have "fallen off the wagon" I jump right back on. 

#chelseas21dayfix on Instagram {@chelseapurifoy}
Yesterday was a long day.  I worked all day, got home at 6pm, played with Jack and made dinner.  After dinner did the whole bedtime routine only to have to do it a second time because he threw up all over himself  and his bed (and me) when I put him down to sleep.  After cleaning the kitchen and doing some laundry I had a conference call for Houston Moms Blog until 10:30, followed by some food prep for the next day.  By 11pm I hadn't done either one of my 30 minute workouts (it's only 30 minutes per day, but I missed the day before).  I powered through and worked out from 11pm-12am and was asleep by 1am after winding down. 

Obviously this can't be done every single day, but my whole point is to say that it can be done if you make it a priority.  The old Chelsea would have curled up in bed with a book and some chocolate after that conference call at 10:30 and "rewarded" myself for a long day. 

My reward came today when I woke up feeling sore, but good and down a pound with some extra room in my previously tight pants. 

One of the biggest factors in my success has been my Beachbody Coach Emily and online 21 Day Fix Group she created (and by group, it's just me and one other person - ha)! This is just a private Facebook group that we are in where we check-in daily with our progress, struggles, or funny moments.  We started on the exact same day so we are always on the same DVD together.  When I feel like I can skip a day or take the week off since things are crazy, I think about these 2 gals and keep going. 

I know everyone has different motivators, but mine has been being accountable and not letting my coach or challenge buddy down...I am a people pleaser to the core!

I am now signed up to be a "coach" (aka seller) of all Beachbody products including 21 Day Fix, T25, Insanity, Shakeology and the upcoming and much anticipated PiYo Workout (I'm leaning towards starting this one looks like it will be very similar to Pure Barre/Define type, low-impact workouts!

I would love to start a group online and start one of these programs together to cheer each other on.  I won't know what to do with myself when these 21 days come to an end on Monday! 

Leave a comment if you might be interested in getting more info! 


Also, head over to Houston Moms Blog to read about the new Doonya Workout DVD's I recently tried and enter to win the amazing giveaway!

Thoughts for Thursday
Thank you Annie and Natalie for hosting this link-up today!

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Mid Week Muse: Loft

Loft is a go-to place for me because all of the pieces are at a great price point for my life right now and it's a one-stop shop for both work attire and more casual weekend wear.  I haven't been in a couple of months, but was drawn back into the website today when Kendi of Kendi Everyday was rocking this Chambray Romper in her latest OOTD. 

How cute is this!  I love that you will be able to dress this up or down with shoes and jewelry.  It will also be cool for the hot summer days.  See how Kendi styled it here

Other items I noticed while I was browsing the site include:





Can you tell I like easy, breezy dresses in the summer time.  Dresses that tie or are cut at the waist tend to flatter my curvy body best.  I usually prefer a V or Scoop neck also. 

Anything you are loving from Loft lately? 

Thanks to Ann Elliott and Pampers & Pearls for hosting this weekly linkup!
Ann Elliott

Friday, June 13, 2014

Five on Friday: Let's Talk Planners!

With the release of Erin's Condren 2014-15 Life Planner yesterday, I already started thinking about what my next planner should be...for 2015 (it's never too early, right)?   Should I stick with "old faithful" and order my fourth Life Planner or branch out and give something new a shot? 

If you know me, you know I love to research all of my death!  I wanted to share five planners with you today that are worth considering.

ONE - Life Planner by Erin Condren, $50-$75+

The 2014-15 Life Planners are available to order now.  So many options (almost too many options) to customize and add-on.  You can start with a $50 planner and easily end up spending double that.  This year you can choose from the classic version, gold foil, platinum foil, or even sorority planner.  These are happy and easy to use.  Filled with fun surprises and amazing packaging.  Complaints I've heard about these planners are the bulk.  Too large to throw in your purse (at least comfortably).  Depending on the cover you choose, these aren't very sleek or professional.  I often feel like a little school girl with mine and would not take to a professional is filled with bright stickers people!

TWO - May Book by May Designs, $22.00

This planner is simple and easy.  You can order anytime and there are so many options of covers.  Slim, sleek, light and simple.  This is a great option if you don't want or need all of the bells and whistles.  No extra pockets, pages or fluff.  Just pages with monthly and weekly entries.  This can easily be thrown in your purse and stay with you year-round.  Caution if you are hard on your planners.  My Maybooks start to wear after months of use.  Not sure how it would look after a whole year!

THREE - Simplified Planner by Emily Ley (2015 price not released - past years around $54)

Her shop is currently closed, but will reopen next week, although you can not order a 2015 Planner until September 3.  Available in three colors this year (NavyPolka/Kelly Green pattern, the signature "Happy Stripe" and Pink Key pattern).  I have not seen this guy in person, but I've heard great things.  Complaints I've heard about this planner include thin pages where some pens and markers will bleed through, the large size and that you can not customize the cover. 

FOUR - Day Designer by Whitney English, $60.00

This planner was specifically created for entrepreneurs, but that doesn't mean it's limited to that.  I can see how it would be applicable to bloggers, business owners, moms, business women...everyone!  It's more than just a planner, but also a journal and strategic planner with lots of spaces to plan, write goals, etc. The planner itself is beautiful with a gold foil stripe, although there are no customization options.  It seems a little pricey for something that can't be customized and I've heard it's very large.  This is a great review of the planner full of helpful images.

I love how sleek and professional it looks.  This one is very appealing to me!

Image above via.  Click here for an excellent comparison post of the Day Designer and Simplified Planner...which one did she pick?

FIVE - Plum Paper Designs, $31.00

I just learned of this planner yesterday when I did a quick Facebook poll of what planners my friends liked.  At first glance, these look just like a Life Planner and even offer customized front covers (for a lot less $)!  Since I haven't seen this one in person, I can't talk about the quality, but these look great.  I love the fact that you can choose your weekly spread option!  They also make student and teacher planners. 

Now the big question...



Thank you to the hostesses of this weekly link-up: A. Liz Adventures, Carolina Charm, Hello! Happiness and [the good life blog].

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Thoughts for Thursday: Rompers, Planners and Moccs

Thoughts for Thursday

For this week's Thoughts for Thursday I wanted to share some fun things I've come across online this week:

-  Enter here to win a pair of Freshly Picked Moccasins (Jack's favorite).  If you win, feel free to donate your pair to him!
-  Nordstrom is offering a great beauty bag with your purchase of $125 on any beauty or fragrance purchase while supplies last - online only.   I wouldn't make a purchase just for this, however if you need some items already, now would be a great time to place your order.
-  I fell in love with this romper over the weekend.  The online review for it says they hate it because it was super big and baggy.  That's why I loved it!  It was the first romper I've found where the shorts weren't up your butt!
Erin Condren is debuting the new 2014-15 Life Planners TODAY!  They have been teasing some of the new features here that include interchangeable covers and repositional stickers.  If I reorder this will be my fourth Erin Condren planner!  I'm not sure if I will reorder this year.  I may decide to go with something smaller, but I'm not sure yet.  What planner to you love? 
-  If you want to learn more about Erin Condren Life Planners you can watch my unboxing vlogs from years past here

Thank you Annie and Natalie for hosting this link-up today!

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Mid Week Muse: Easy Summer Work Outfit

With the temps rising in Houston, it gets harder and harder to look professional while still staying cool.  I live in dresses in the summer to minimize the gross sweat effect. 
Today I'm wearing a bright print dress from Macy's by Ellen Tracy that was under $100.  I paired it with my Kendra Scott Danielle turquoise earrings and ring and my go-to Stuart Weitzman peep toe nude pumps.  Easy, but so put together!
I can't find the exact dress I'm wearing today online, but this one below is similar. 
Thanks to Ann Elliott and Pampers & Pearls for hosting this weekly linkup!
Ann Elliott

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Week One Done {Follow My Progress: 21 Day Fix}

Today marks the second day of Week 2 in my 21 Day Fix Challenge.  I followed everything pretty strictly last week.  I didn't miss one workout (I can't remember the last time I worked out for 7 days in a row), and ate by the book 90% of the time.  I also continued with my Shakeology every day for breakfast. 

Shakeology's tagline is "The Healthiest Meal of the Day" but I also say it's my favorite meal of the day because it is so easy, delicious and fills by chocolate cravings that I have daily!

I am happy to report that in Week 1 I've lost 3.6 pounds and 2.7 inches (total body).  I know that doesn't sound like much, but remember I lost over 5 pounds the week prior to starting this program.  The number that I'm seeing on the scale is one I haven't seen in a long time so I feel like I've pushed through a plateau this week!

The Good:  Although I'm sure most won't see a difference in me yet (my coworkers did say I looked skinnier on Friday), I can see a difference.  My pants are looser in the waist, my abs are tighter, and my muffin top is decreasing.  I actually love the workouts and look forward to them.  Each day is something totally different so you don't get bored and it's amazing how fast 30 minutes goes by!

Victories this Week:  I wore a top to work last week that's been too tight to wear since having Jack.  I also purchased my first romper on Saturday and wore it on Sunday!

The Bad:  Meal prepping has been taking up my time in the evenings that I would normally blog so sorry about that!  My health thanks you for being understanding.  My "meal prep" just consists of packaging everything for the next day, making meals in advance for lunch at the office, washing fruit, etc.  I never have time to do these things in the morning so I do as much as I can the night before!  It really doesn't take that much time, but that plus my workouts don't leave me much for anything else in my limited evening free time. 

Hopefully I can get some progress pics up by the end of the week.  Looking forward to a successful Week 2!

Let me know if you are interested in learning more about Shakeology or the 21 Day Fix and you can actually purchase through's so easy!  Follow more progress reports on Instagram using #chelseas21dayfix

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Thoughts for Thursday Linkup

Thoughts for Thursday

I'm joining Annie and Natalie for a new linkup called Thoughts for Thursday.  This week I'm truly giving you that, some random thoughts floating around in my head. 

Summer TV is getting started and while many people complain that summer = terrible TV, I'm loving what is currently on.  Go ahead and call me shallow, but the two shows that I'm loving the most are Ladies of London (Reality show on Bravo/Monday) and Mistresses (Starring Alyssa Milano on ABC/Monday). 

-  I haven't posted pictures on this blog of Jack's first birthday party yet.  I had a negative experience with one blogger after this post on Houston Moms Blog which has now put a bad taste in my mouth not only about that blogger, but about the blogging community and the actual party.  I know I shouldn't let one person dictate my feelings, but I am a people pleaser and I don't like feeling like I did something wrong when I know in my heart I didn't.  Drama! 

-  Back to fun stuff - fun find alert: L'Oreal's new Voluminous Miss Manga Mascara.  I learned about this mascara from Kristina of Pretty, Shiny Sparkly.  I decided to give it a try and was not disappointed!  Watch Kristina's first impression vlog here.  It is all about volume and is the best drugstore mascara I've tried in a long time.  It was very popular in the UK before launching recently in the States.  I had a hard time finding it at my usual go-to places of Target and HEB grocery stores.  Finally my local CVS had a few left!

-  And last, but not least, if you are a fan of Tory Burch don't miss the Facebook sale that is going on right now until tomorrow...act fast!  Sizes are already selling out.  The sale is for the Ricki Flip Flop in navy, ivory and poppy red.  Originally $95, on sale for $55 + free shipping!  The only warning I would give you is that the reviews on Nordstrom say that it runs very narrow.  If you have a wide foot, I would think twice.  Also not available in 1/2 sizes so they suggest sizing up if you are in between.  When they Tory Burch does a huge sale like this always wonder what's wrong with the product...they would never discount Revas this much.  I think the unusually narrow sole is the reason, but some reviewers say they love the shoe.  It's a great price for such a cute flip flop!

Please comment below on any topic you like...

...what summer TV shows are you watching?
...have you had any blogger or social media drama before?  How did you deal?
...favorite drugstore mascara?
...are you ordering these sale TB flip flops?  If so, what color?

Have a great Thursday!

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Houston Dads Blog

For the month of June leading up to Father's Day Houston Moms Blog has handed over the posts to the dads!  Jason is over on the blog today talking about the things he HATES about being a dad...must read!

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Follow My Progress: 21 Day Fix

Yesterday was Day 1 of the 21 Day Fix I'm doing!  I'm hopeful that by really watching what I eat and exercising daily I will lose these pesky pounds I've been carrying around ever since having Jack over a year ago!!! 

I am currently 10 pounds away from my pre-pregnancy weight, but 20 pounds from a more ideal weight for me.  Since having Jack I've tried Weight Watchers, Paleo Diet, and various different workouts here and there, but nothing stuck and remained consistent which, of course, is the key.

I've used excuses like it's hard to work full-time and have a baby, there is no time for the gym after work and all of my home duties, etc. Now that I'm not having to deal with pumping and nursing round the clock it has given me a little more time or at least flexibility.   

With it being summertime, I'm truly fed up that I can't stand to see myself in a pair of shorts and can't even fathom the idea of putting on a bathing suit.  I had to wear shorts in our own swimming pool last weekend with Jack because I was so unsightly.  I have a closet full of amazing clothes that don't fit.  I wear the same few pair of (now faded) black pants and loose tops to work everyday and look terrible.  I constantly worry that people will think I'm expecting again.  I have a doublechin in half of my pictures and don't recognize the person staring back at me in the mirror sometimes. 

If all of that isn't motivation, I don't know what is! 

Since last Tuesday I have already lost exactly 5 pounds just by watching my diet, portions and starting Shakeology as a meal replacement for 1 meal a day.  That is crazy and shows you how bad my diet was!  I know it won't be like this every week.  I didn't do any exercise last week except for a few long walks with Jack. 

This weekend I prepped food, made a plan and took all of my "before" measurements and pictures.

I look forward to checking in throughout the next 21 Days and telling you how I'm doing.  I'm not ready to share my before pictures until I have some progress pics to put next to it!  They were so not pretty!

The workouts are to be done every single day, but they are only 30 minutes!  Yesterday I completed the "Total Body Cardio" workout after work before preparing dinner.  Jack played in our gameroom where I worked out and it was so cute because he would stop what he was doing and clap after every 60 minute interval when Autumn would say good job!

Hopefully by committing myself for 21 days some good habits and routines will form. 

Follow along on Instagram using #chelseas21dayfix

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