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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Who is Your Celebrity Ring Soulmate?

Find out now based on either what is on your finger or what you are pining over when you get engaged...

If you love/have a Round-Cut Diamond...Your soulmates are Katherine McPhee & Scarlett Johanson & Me!

{Katherine McPhee}

{Scarlett Johanson}

{My ring!}

If you love/have a Princess-Cut Diamond...Your soulmate is Kendra Wilkinson

{"Girl Next Door" and E! Reality Star, Kendra Wilkinson's ring}

If you love/have a Oval-Cut Diamond...Your soulmates are Katie Holmes & Salma Hayek

{Katie Holmes' Ring}

{Salma Hayek}

If you love/have a Pear-Cut Diamond...Your soulmates are Jessica Simpson & Katherine Heigl

{Jessica Simpson}

{Katherine Heigl}

If you love/have a Cushion-Cut Diamond...Ashlee Simpson & Guilanna Rancic

{Ashlee Simpson's ring}

{E! News Correspondent/Reality Star, Guilianna Rancic}

If you love/have a Emerald-Cut Diamond...Your soulmates are Ellen Pompeo & Eva Longoria-Parker

{Ellen Pompeo's Ring}

{Eva Longoria-Parker}

If you love/have a Marquis-Cut Diamond...Your soulmate is Jamie Lynn Spears.

{Jamie Lynn Spears}

If you love/have a colored stone ring...Your soulmates are Carmen Electra & Jenna Bush

{Carmen Electra, black diamond}

{Jenna Bush, diamond and saphires}
Are you surprised with your soulmates?  Do you know of any others that I need to include?  Hope you are having a great weekend! 

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