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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Jammy Cocoa Christmas Tradition

This year we held our first "Jammy Cocoa Christmas" with our little family of four.  With Jack being so sick as of late we haven't been able to get out and do too much, but thought this was the perfect holiday celebration for him.  What is a Jammy Cocoa Christmas you ask? 

It's a fun idea that popular blogger Shay Shull from Mix and Match Mama/Mix and Match Family created with her family.  Her dad actually came up with it and she blogged about it this year here

Sidenote: I can't wait to get my hands on her two books that come out February 1!!!  They are on preorder now.  I swear that half of the things I cook every night come from her blog!

Back to Jammy Cocoa Christmas...the "rules" state that you must visit a Starbucks in your PJ's and drive around looking at Christmas lights and listen to Christmas music!  We loaded up last Saturday after an early dinner at home and hit Starbucks for festive drinks and snowman cookies!

Jack loved that we all had on matching pajamas (thanks to my mom for the early gift) and he loved seeing all of the lights in the area.  Colin loved sleeping...unless we stopped for too long and he would make it known quite loudly that he wasn't happy.  At 6 weeks old, we'll cut him some slack this year!

I look forward to carrying this tradition on for years and years to come!  Thanks for the idea Shay!

Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 21, 2015

When Sickness Strikes

 Hello!  I just wanted to do a quick check-in and say we are still alive and kicking! 

The month of December has been all about illness in our household.  Poor Jack developed an ear infection, strep throat and Hand, Foot & Mouth all at the same time the second week of December.  HF&M when you have a newborn is a nightmare...especially if you have OCD tendencies like me.  Let's just say, me and Lysol have been BFF this month!  During that time that Jack had the trifecta of toddler diseases I wasn't feeling great, but just chalked it up to being overly tired with a one month old and taking care of Jack.  I kept repeating "you're not getting sick, you're not getting sick" and taking extra vitamins. 

I finally couldn't take it anymore and ended up at the doctor's office myself with an upper respiratory infection and a round of antibiotics...which also meant a round of probiotics for me and Colin since I'm nursing and other techniques for keeping your milk supply up. 

I'm still nursing a cough, but am feeling much better.  Wish I could say the same for Jack.  He was doing better, but then several days after finishing his anitibiotic, he was back to being sick again so back to the doctor we went...last Friday right before 5pm.  His doctor's office was already closed for the day, but I was psycho mom and insisted he was seen before the weekend.  Turns out his strep was back!  So another round of medicine we go! 

I can't tell you how Jason and Colin have remained well as I'm knocking on wood.  I pray that Jack feels better by Christmas Eve so he can really enjoy church and all of the fun family events we have lined up.  We have still managed to work in some fun including a Tacky Sweater Enchilada Night, sleepovers at Mimi's house and lots of Christmas light drives - one night even in matching PJ's!

I hope you are enjoying your family and the Season.  I apologize for being the world's worst blogger right now.  Just when I thought I was getting the hang of this momma of two thing, the illnesses started and sent me into a tizzy.  I have one more month of maternity leave that I know is going to fly by!  Trying to savor what is left with hopefully healthy kiddos!

If I'm not on before January, I wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Thursday, December 10, 2015

December Goals and November Goals Recap

I'm keeping the goals for this month super simple and attainable again so I can soak up the time I have on maternity leave and enjoy the holiday season.  My biggest goal which seems to be the theme of the entire year is to worry less about tasks like housework and laundry {and blogging evidently} and be more present with my family.   This is not easy for me since I'm always worried about "getting everything done"...I just have to remind myself that things will never, ever be done so we must enjoy the everyday moments and make lots of great memories for our kiddos!

December Goals:
  • Finish Christmas shopping by mid December so I can wrap and enjoy the holidays
  • Worry less about housework and spend more time soaking in the precious moments
  • Drive thru the neighborhood looking at Christmas lights as a family
  • Visit Santa
  • Donate toys for others/Adopt a family
  • Send out family Christmas cards


November Goals Update:
We survived the first month with Colin!  I'm calling this a win!
  • Adjust to life with a newborn! 
  • Write thank you notes to the many sweet family and friends showering us with love lately
  • Create, print and mail birth announcements - Finished this in December, but so happy with the outcome!
  • Spend some quality one-on-one time with Jack
  • Enjoy Thanksgiving - We had a great Thanksgiving at my mom's.  Loved it so much and was the perfect way to spend Colin's first.
  • Start planning Christmas gifts and decor - the earlier we've ever had everything decorated.  We had the lights done on the house before Thanksgiving and the indoor decorations up Thanksgiving weekend!

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Colin's Birth Story

On Tuesday, October 27 at 8am Jason and I checked into the hospital.  I was a mess that morning - nervous for the surgery, but mostly anxious about leaving Jack and how he would handle this big change.  As soon as our nanny walked in the door that morning I burst into tears.  It's funny because I actually had almost the same experience right before leaving our house to have Jack, but my anxiety and tears came from leaving Tucker {our chihuahua}!

One last bump picture the morning of the surgery!

As soon as we checked in, the amazing hospital staff took my mind off of these worries.  First the check-in nurse was so friendly and talkative and then our wonderful nurse.  We did all of the normal stuff that I remembered from last time...changing into the hospital gown, IV, lots of paperwork and questions, blood-work.

We were supposed to have the c-section at 10am, but things were running behind.  The time passed fast with the family that was already up at the hospital.  My mom, dad and stepmom and Jason's moms were all there and hanging in the room.  Telling stories and being silly.  My mom brought some gorgeous flowers to cheer up the room.

I was getting nervous about the epidural.  It wasn't a big deal the first time, but for some reason I was still nervous about it.  I met the anesthesiologist and really liked him.  Finally around 11:30 I walked to the OR with my wonderful nurse to get started.  Jason would join later after my epidural was done - standard procedure just like last time.  I said bye to all of our family as I walked to the OR, another different experience from last time.

Once in the OR, everything went so smoothly.  I saw my doctor who I loved and we talked about the "Glen episode" of The Walking Dead from that past Sunday.  Every nurse and assistant who was in the room was so warm, reassuring and helpful.  Once the epidural was done, I felt great about everything, happy and relaxed.  At one point I thought I was going to be sick, but I told the anesthesiologist and he gave me medicine to make it go away - which it did within seconds.

At exactly 12:00 p.m. Colin came out screaming!  His loud cry was so reassuring to me that he was alive and well since I couldn't see him yet.  The downside of a c-section is that you can't see your baby right away since you are strapped to a table with a big curtain from your neck down.  While they are checking on the baby and getting him measured, etc. you are being worked on and stitched up.  Jason was able to see him immediately and took lots of pictures.  He kept bringing the camera to me so I could see him.  Finally they brought him to me for a short minute and I was in love.  He looked nothing like what I was expecting which was lots of dark hair and basically just a similar version of Jack.  He didn't look like me or Jason, but was a perfect little, beautiful baby doll.

Pleasantly, I was able to see him within the hour (another different experience from Jack which took hours to see).  He was the perfect baby.  He nursed so naturally and perfectly from the start.  The next two days were great.  I made sure to stay on top of the meds so I was never in terrible pain.  For some reason I was worried that a c-section the second time around would hurt worse and be a harder recovery, but it wasn't, maybe even the opposite.

I walked when I was supposed to and all the docs and nurses said I was a rock-star.  I took a shower the second day when all of my tubes and IV's were out and even gave myself a blowout and did a little makeup (more than I can say for the first time around). 

The afternoon of the first day, Jack came up to the hospital to meet Colin.  He was perfect.  He was excited, sweet and understanding that mommy was in bed and couldn't get up.  I was nervous that he wouldn't want to leave the hospital without us, but he was great.  I think he was just having so much fun with my mom that he was in heaven.  I'm so thankful to her for not only keeping him those two nights, but making it so fun for him that he wasn't upset.

Jack brought Colin a balloon and a stuffed animal and wore his Big Brother shirt.  He loved his gifts too from Colin especially the digital camera!

Jack came back up for a short while on Day Two and again did great.  We took some pictures and let him hold him.  What an amazing moment!

We met with the amazing Lactation Consultant on Day Two.  I just wanted reassurance that all was okay since we had the help there at our disposal.  She gave me some tips and products but said Colin was a champ!   I was not in much pain this time around, yay!

Colin wasn't thrilled to leave the hospital either and showed us by spitting up all over his precious going home outfit when seconds of putting it on!

We stayed in the hospital for two nights. I almost wanted to stay another night just for the pampering - everything is brought to you including meals and your baby!  I probably could have stayed another night if I would have insisted, but the docs and nurses seemed confident that I was good to be released and I knew Jason was anxious to get home and I missed Jack so home we went to start out life as a family of four!

We went home on Thursday, 10/29 and were greeted by this gorgeous sign by Sassy Storks!  Jack joined us and we spent the next few days getting adjusted and celebrating Halloween.

You can read Jack's birth story here!

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

{Last} Pregnancy #2 Update :: 38 Weeks and Beyond!

38 Weeks, 5 Days

At 38 weeks and 5 days we went to the hospital for a c-section to meet our little man.  At 38 weeks I was feeling all the normal things...tired, anxious, uncomfortable, but nothing out of the ordinary.  Just a little background about that week to catch you up...

At my 37 week appointment we did an ultrasound to get an idea for how big Colin was measuring.  At this ultrasound they discovered that his right kidney was larger than it should be.  After speaking to a specialist my doctor decided that I should come back in 24 hours for a repeat ultrasound to see if the enlarged kidney was a fluke or something we needed to worry about.  24 hours later it was still enlarged.   Our doctor wanted to speak to another specialist and told us we may have the baby in two days.  So we waited...

The next day we learmed that it didn't seem urgent enough to go that week.  We would wait until Tuesday when I was 38 weeks and 5 days to have him. At that point we would do an ultrasound on Colin when he was born and go from there.  We notified our pediatrician and had a plan!  

More about what came next is coming up in another post with Colin's birth story!

Read about my 38 week and 39 week update from my first pregnancy!

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