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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Who is Your Celebrity Ring Soulmate?

Find out now based on either what is on your finger or what you are pining over when you get engaged...

If you love/have a Round-Cut Diamond...Your soulmates are Katherine McPhee & Scarlett Johanson & Me!

{Katherine McPhee}

{Scarlett Johanson}

{My ring!}

If you love/have a Princess-Cut Diamond...Your soulmate is Kendra Wilkinson

{"Girl Next Door" and E! Reality Star, Kendra Wilkinson's ring}

If you love/have a Oval-Cut Diamond...Your soulmates are Katie Holmes & Salma Hayek

{Katie Holmes' Ring}

{Salma Hayek}

If you love/have a Pear-Cut Diamond...Your soulmates are Jessica Simpson & Katherine Heigl

{Jessica Simpson}

{Katherine Heigl}

If you love/have a Cushion-Cut Diamond...Ashlee Simpson & Guilanna Rancic

{Ashlee Simpson's ring}

{E! News Correspondent/Reality Star, Guilianna Rancic}

If you love/have a Emerald-Cut Diamond...Your soulmates are Ellen Pompeo & Eva Longoria-Parker

{Ellen Pompeo's Ring}

{Eva Longoria-Parker}

If you love/have a Marquis-Cut Diamond...Your soulmate is Jamie Lynn Spears.

{Jamie Lynn Spears}

If you love/have a colored stone ring...Your soulmates are Carmen Electra & Jenna Bush

{Carmen Electra, black diamond}

{Jenna Bush, diamond and saphires}
Are you surprised with your soulmates?  Do you know of any others that I need to include?  Hope you are having a great weekend! 

Friday, September 25, 2009

Happy Birthday Ashley!

it is my great friend Ashley's (of Newlyweds and Nesting) birthday today! This pop of gorgeous yellow and supersized bow is for you Ashel! Enjoy.

[Photo courtesy of Boutwell Studio]


Thursday, September 24, 2009

Around the house...

Jason's favorite holiday is Halloween...I have no idea why. Needless to say we do it big in our house because of this. We started the decorating process this past weekend, followed by a trip to the movie theatre to see Rob Zombie's Halloween appropriate!

Our back patio has now been turned into a graveyard.

Our front door is more tame with a nice, subtle Halloween/Fall Wreath, but Jason just added a skull and pumpkin to our windowsill (not pictured)!

Also, this weekend-Jason potted our palm that was in the front yard and put it on the back patio...much better! 

Our front yard got a MAJOR makeover last weekend.  Unfortunately, I do not have a before picture, but trust me it was bad.  So bad, we got a letter from the homeowners association saying we had to clean it up.  We (by we, I mean a professional that I hired) pulled everythig up and added a new tree, bushes, 2 rose bushes, flowers, mulch and rocks. much neater!

Our new is a pineapple guava.  It will get much taller to block our window for more privacy and have
red and white blooms. 

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Product Review: Bumpits

I was sadly disappointed in the "infomercial" product, Bumpits. The commercial had me hooked...instant hair volume with the use of one easy tool! Not so much...the actual Bumpit is supposed to stay on your head, but this is not the case. I followed the directions, teased my hair really good, placed the product in and hair sprayed it down. Unless you walk around like you have a book on top of your head and don't move around too much, this thing will fall off your head.

I also found it really hard to conceal. I have a lot of really thick hair too! I would be too afraid that people would see it.

Bottom line: I do not recommend the Bumpits product. Go spend your $9.99 on something more a Snuggie! Now that is an infomercial product I do recommend. Sidenote: Target now carries Snuggies in blue, green, tan, and leopard print, $14.99.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Burger Club

{Mon'Sher, Me, Ashley - not pictured: Ed, Bob, Sarah}
A few of my friends including, Ashley from Newlyweds and Nesting, decided to start an unofficial "Burger Club." We found an article in Texas Monthly that lists the top places for great burgers n' fries and we noticed lots of these places were right here in Houston! We also reference the Texas Burger Guy for suggestions!

So, we have set out to try all of these places, plus a few others and we will let you know what we think...

We have already given Five Guys a try...amazing! This chain can be found in lots of cities besides Houston. Trust me- get the junior burger. It is plenty! I loved the fact that all they have on their menu is burgers, fries and hot dogs. Loved the fresh jalapenos and brown bag of fries.

Our first official, Burger Club visit was at Christians Totem. All I can say is WOW. The burgers are excellent. I am not usually an onion ring girl, but they are known for them. When in Rome! A must...


And after...

Ed's eyes were bigger than his stomach...

Rookie mistake!

Sarah was in love...

All in all, we gave Christians Totem Two Thumbs Up...

Monday, September 21, 2009

Hello Lover...

As Carrie says from Sex in the City.  I think she would agree that this necklace from Etsy seller: Erinkeys is fabulous.  And fittingly, the piece is named, The Carrie Necklace. 

You can purchase the ribbon in various colors.  Love it. 

Another great piece from this designer that I am crazy for would look great with a strapless dress or even a plain top and jeans.  I think I need this:

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Rocker Chick @ Heart

Although, I have some conservative views, work in a conservative environment, LOVE dressing preppy and would describe myself as a little boring and a definite homebody, I am still a rocker chick at heart!

Both my mom and dad raised me to LOVE music, exposing me to all kinds. My mom's taste of music is more on the softer, pop and jazz side...which I love! My dad also has an eclectic taste in music, but exposed me to more of the rock stuff.

I thought it would be fun to go down memory lane and go through all of the amazing shows I have been to during my short 26 years. Enjoy!

First Concert Ever: Melissa Ethridge
My dad took me and it definitely opened my eyes to a new culture. Great show!

Most seen (4-way tie) @ 3 times:
Nora Jones, Foo Fighters, Aerosmith, Dave Matthews Band

Coolest Experience at a Concert (3-way tie):

1. At an Ashlee Simpson concert, I waited for her after the show to exit. Me and a bunch of pre-teen girls. It was worth the hour long + wait, I got her autograph and a cool picture!

2. At the Vans Warped Tour in 2001, my friend and I were approached my someone who worked for the tour and asked if we wanted to go backstage. Always the skeptic, I asked what exactly we would have to do...I was only 17 and had my morals of course! All we had to do was help serve lunch to the bands and we would be given an all-access pass. Duh! We served lunch to Sum 41, 311, Rancid, and other punk/ska bands. It was great. The best part was being on-stage during all of the performances!

3. For Jason's birthday the first year we were dating, I got us pit tickets to see The Fray and Gomez (thanks Christian!). J and I were having to fight off 10 year olds for the best spot in the pit. the 10-year olds were winning until Jason caught a guitar pic from the band! The 10 year olds actually thought we would give it to them...yeah right!

The "Ouch" Award: The Offspring
At The Offspring concert in 2001, I thought I was really cool and went crowd surfing...all was great until I was dropped! Ouch!

The "Lucky Girl" Award (tie): Weezer and Foo Fighters

1. At a Weezer concert, I left my seat to use the ladies room. On my way walking back, I wasn't allowed back at my seat because the lead singer of Weezer (Rivers) was walking around the venue during a song. All of the sudden, he walked right past me and I got to grab his arm!

2. At a Foo Fighters concert, the lead singer, Dave Grohl, did a similar act and walked around the stadium to reach the all of us commoners in the back. He walked right past me and touched my hand!

The Rain or Shine Award: No Doubt

No Doubt in the early 90's. It was POURING and my poor dad toughed it out with me. I was obsessed with Gwen Stefani and a hurricane would not have stopped me from going to this show. We had lawn seats so it was muddy and miserable. My dad even slipped down the muddy hill. Thanks dad!

Best Concert Ever Award:Jamie Cullum

Jamie Cullum at Warehouse Live Houston. He put on the most lively and mind blowing show ever. Small and intimate venue made it that much better. Can't wait until he does another tour...please Jamie, come back!

Full List of Concerts Attended (as much as I can remember):

311 - Aerosmith - Alanis Morisette - Alien Ant Farm - Ashlee Simpson - Ben Folds - Ben Folds Five - Better Than Ezra - Blake Shelton - Blink 182 - Britney Spears - Clint Black - Collective Soul - Creed - Dave Matthews Band - Deftones - Destiny's Child - DMX - Eve 6 - Faith Hill - Filter - The Fray - The Flyes - Foo Fighters - Godsmack - Gomez - Hoobastank - The Hunger - Jamie Cullum - Lenny Kravitz - Limp Bizkit - Lit - Mandy Moore - Melissa Ethiridge - Method Man/Redman - Motley Cru - No Doubt - Norah Jones - Offspring - Our Lady Peace - Owsley - Papa Roach - Rancid - Reba McIntyre - Red Hot Chili Peppers - Shania Twain - Smashing Pumpkins - Soul Coughing - Spacehog - Staind - Steve Miller Band - Stone Temple Pilots - Stroke 9 - Sum 41 - Third Eye Blind - Tonic - Tower of Power - Train - Weezer

I have definitely seen some great shows! The band that I am obsessed with currently that I hope to see in October is Chevelle.

Friday, September 18, 2009

The Perfect Catch Featured on With This Ring...

Jump on over to one of my favorite blogs With This Ring... today! Our wedding is featured!!!
The author of With This Ring is celebrating her one year wedding anniversary this weekend. Congrats Darci!
Hope everyone has a great weekend,


Happy Friday! I don't know about you, but this has been a long week. Don't you want these flowers on your desk right now?
[Photo from Once Wed Blog]

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Pet ID...A New Dog Tag!

A great new product that Tucker and I will be jumping on comes from PetID. These are great ID tags that can be customized and worn on a pet collar. I love them because they are so darn cute, but it sure has a lot more info than Tucker's current tag with only his name and phone number.

You can get any state or a tag that supports a non-profit like the SPCA or SNAP (25% of these proceeds go back to the non-profit). It costs $20 for one tag (they come in small or large). Each order comes with 1 free duplicate magnet for you!

Here is a cute pup, Isabella, from Houston Dog Blog modeling her PetID tag. So cute!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Where I Have Been Lately...

At work!!!!!!! I have been working around the clock, but I love it. Below is my awesome co-workers! It makes it a lot easier to work tons of hours when you like the people you are spending time with. What a blessing.

[Photo credit: Michael Tims]

Besides work, Jason and I tackled yard maintentance this weekend. We hired someone to help us with our front me, it needed professional help and then we tackled the back on our to come!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Vote for Our Ringbearer, Cameron!

Remember this little cutie from our wedding?

[Photography Credit: Kelly Niemann Photography]

Cameron is a contestant in a photography contest by the amazing photographer, Shauna Maness! You can check out her blog and the contest (First Annual Wall Call) HERE!

Please go vote for Cam! You can vote on the blog twice a day...he is Image 2. Or you can become a fan of Shauna Maness Photography on Facebook and leave a comment under Cam's picture to place your vote.

BTW: I have been a bad blogger lately for good reasons: I started my last semester of the MBA program last week and I took on a new role (plus what I already do) at work...I am the new sorority advisor! Promise to get back to a regular posting routine soon.

Miss you all & happy voting!

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