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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Tea Cake Factory

Do you know what a tea cake is?  I had no idea until my mom took me to The Tea Cake Factory in Sugar Land.  So wonderful!  They are not as sweet and sugary as a cupcake and not as heavy as a cookie. 

I had the coconut cake and a cranberry-orange cake.  Mom had the orange creamsicle.  So yummy and a must-try if you are in the area.  Besides tea cakes, they serve cake, cupcakes, pie, sandwiches, and coffee.  Their website also says they take orders for wedding cakes. 

Tea Cake Factory
2735 Town Center Bouleveard North
Suite N
Sugar Land, TX 77479

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Free Sample: New David Yurman Perfume

Click HERE to learn more about the new Essence Collection by David Yurman and request a sample. 

Pre-Christmas Festivities

December has been such a busy month getting ready for Christmas, shopping, end of year hustle at work, fun celebrations and seeing our family all around Texas.  As soon as I stopped a few days ago, my body shut down on me!  I was describing to Jason yesterday that I felt majorly hungover...but I hadn't had ANY alcohol the day before.  I will call it my Christmas hangover. 

We had a WONDERFUL Christmas and still have one more set of family to celebrate lucky are we?  Lots of posts coming to document all of our celebrations, but first I want to list all of the pre-Christmas festivities I had so I can remember this whirlwind month. 

Dec. 3 & 10 - Shopping day with Jason
So fun to spend the day with Jason, shopping for our family and getting in the Christmas spirit!  We even carved out some time to look at houses in the area. 

Dec. 4 - Cookie & Ornament Exchange with the Junior League girls
Adrienne was the hostess of the year!  She organized this wonderful idea to get all of the "waitresses" together to share our favorite recipes.  We had the best ornament exchange too.  Love the ornament I won (from Erin) that is a picture of us gals in Fredericksburg from our summer trip.  I brought Hello Dollies, a family favorite and so easy.  Recipe post coming soon.

Dec. 7 - Pi Beta Phi Alumni Ornament Exchange
Lauren hosted the annual Pi Phi ornament exchange in her beautiful home.  Best part was Darcy, our junior group President, bringing her "special" ornament from last year's exchange!  Why didn't I take pictures?

Dec. 15 - Christmas Lunch with Ashley
Ash and I accidentally made a new tradition of eating at Pei Wei every Christmas for our gift exchange...gotta love their kids honey seared chicken!  So great to see her and catch up.  She always gives the most thoughtful gifts...bows to be re-used included!

Dec. 16 - Shopping Day with Mom
Another favorite Christmas Tradition: Lunch and shopping with my mommy!  Such a fun day including lunch at Cheesecake Factory and a late afternoon treat at Tea Cake Factory (what was our deal with factories that day?).  We even managed to get in come Christmas shopping.

Dec. 21 - Christmas Lunch at work/Dinner with Grandma and fam.
Full day!  Lunch at our corporate office from Luby's!  That night Jason and I hosted dinner at our place since my Grandma was in town from Arkansas.  All of the "Townsend" family was there including Carter's dog, Zeke!

Dec. 23 - Tacky Sweater/Enchilada Night at Dad's
This will get it's own post later this week!

Dec. 24 - Church and Chinese Food with Mom and LE
Full post coming on this one too...

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Tory Burch Tuesday

This baby is on my Christmas list this year...

Tory Burch Reva Clutch with removable gold chain strap. 

Hopefully I'm not on the naughty list and can soon add this to my collection!  I really want need a small black bag for nights on the town or running around and don't want a huge carryall.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Card Holder DIY

I'm not really into DIY projects because I'm not very crafty and my projects never quite turn out the way they were supposed.  I'm usually left feeling tired and disappointed. 

One project I knew I could handle was a Christmas Card Holder/Display I saw on Pinterest.  Pottery Barn had a great Holiday Card Holder, but $50.00 was way too much to spend on something I will only use for one month out of the year.  I already had some great ribbon I bought years ago, then I just went to Michaels to buy a bow for the topper (no, I can't even make good bows) and a pack of gold straight pins. 

Ta-da!  All finished, hanging in the hall by our guest bedroom displaying all of our friends and family!

Total project cost: $10.00

Thursday, December 15, 2011

2011 Christmas Card

Our cards have finally hit the mail so we can post them online.  Jason and I started sending out family Christmas cards the year we got engaged in 2008.  It's so fun to go back and look at them and even more fun to open up your mailbox this time of year! 

This year, I used to design our cards.  Minted is a little more expensive than my usual Shutterfly cards, but I love the way they turned out and the quality of the paper.  The site gives you so many options when designing.  We used our pictures from our "Pocket Shots" session with Robyn Arouty, pet photographer extraordinaire!

Front of card:

Back of card:

I'm linking up with Faith's Christmas Card Carousel 2011!  Thanks to Faith for hosting this!  Your Erin Condren cards are super cute by the way : )

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