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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Five Things +1

I'm coming off a great weekend: volunteered at an overnight lock-in at The Children's Museum on Friday night and relaxed and caught up on chores throuhout the rest of the weekend.  Very busy at work and other projects so blogging has been taking a back seat.  Hopefully I can bring it back this week!

Five Things I Loved this past week:

1.  Closing on our house!!!  We will move this summer.  Let the packing, home projects and design boards begin.  Lots of pinterest lately!
2.  Baby Caroline being born and being healthy!!!
3.  Group texts with girlfriends about Fifty Shades of Grey
4.  Pistachios
5.  Fashion Star
6.  "Bronchitus Woman" Viral Video - I was in a major funk Thursday night from taxes...this was the only thing that could get me out of it.  Love her!  If you haven't seen this yet, you are in for a treat.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Five Things

I'm not gonna lie or sugar's been a "b" of a week!  Lots of stress and things going on, however, this is why it's so great to focus on the positive and appreciate the great things that do happen.  I'm so "glass is half full" today! 
Five Things I Loved This Week:

1.  The Series Finale of One Tree Hill - can't believe it's over for good

2.  My outfit today - bright yellow peep toes and a fabulous Navy Nanette Lepore jacket my stylist mommy bought for me.  Must take picture.

3.  Pandora Bluetooth capabilites in my new ride - it automatically comes on just by having by iPhone in the car!  The best is my Kings of Leon Station!

4.  Happy Hour with my JL girls (and half off pitchers of The Audrey at Saint Genevieve)

5.  Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy - I was embarrased for reading this series, but as I've learned this week, everyone else is so why not talk about it.  The books, being dubbed as "Adult Twilight" and even "Mommy Porn" has been all over the media lately so of course my curiousity got the best of me and I started reading, but then got hooked by the plot...and yes, Christian.  So yes, it's a trashy romance novel, but it is all the rage right now so go ahead and jump on the steamy bandwagon...everyone else is, but trust me, it's a Kindle/iPad read as you don't want to advertise to everyone what you are reading!  The big question now is who will play Christian in a movie which you know is coming???

Nicole + Geoffrey Wedding Weekend

Last weekend my step-sister, Nicole got married to her long-time love Geoffrey!  The entire weekend was wonderful, including the weather.  They are off on their honeymoon now (very jealous)!  I'm so happy for them and excited to share their wedding with you. 
The rehearsal dinner was held at Los Cucos in Katy.  I am a dumb-dumb and did not take any pictures except this lovely phone pic Jason took, but Geoffrey's family did not awesome job hosting.  Every table was decorated with bright flowers, pictures of the happy couple and every guest received a Mexican Shaker...I know there is a better name, I just can't think of it...the kids and I loved these!

The wedding on Saturday was held at Briscoe Manor in Richmond, TX.  The chapel and reception hall are all together which I love and the grounds were gorgeous!  The ceremony was beautiful and had lots of personal touches from Nicole including the Chevron programs (a girl after my own heart) and recessional music by Plain White Tees. 

Dad and me

Me and my handsome date

Amanda and me

My brother Carter and his gf Amanda

The reception was simply fun. Again, you could see so many personal touches like the Cookie Bar with Chevron To-Go bags instead of a grooms cake (which did include milk shots), a photo booth, traditional German dances, and custom Aggie towels to swing as the couple departed instead of throwing petals.

Jessica (My other step-sis/Nicole's Sister and matron of honor) being announced at the reception

Beautiful of the tiers perfectly matched the lace on Nicole's dress

Karin & Dad doing the German dance that just wouldn't glad I didn't jump in on that one

Congratulations to Nicole and Geoffrey! 


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