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Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

We hope you have a happy and safe Halloween!  Tucker decided to be a spider this year!  Cutest spider I've ever seen. 

Chelsea, Jason & Tucker

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Weekend Recap: Halloween 2011

Let the Halloween festivities begin!  We kicked it off by seeing Paranormal Activity 3.  It was really scary and definitely made us jumpy. 

We wanted to check a few items off our Fall Bucket List but first, my mom and I worked out at Define.  Best workout ever!  I also think Define needs to start paying me commission.  My mom is the fifth person who has joined after I raved about it! 

Next we went to Petco to pick out Tucker's costume, bought some pumpkins, got a few fall drinks from Starbucks and went home to get carving! 

After enjoying some yummy roasted pumpkins seeds I made, we hit downtown Houston to visit a few of our favorite haunted hot spots: Spaghetti Warehouse for dinner, the Donnellan Crypt, La Carafe for wine and also stopped at Hearsay for dessert (even though I don't think they have a ghost problem).  We visited a lot of these spots last year and were eager to say hello to the local spirits again! 

Spaghetti Warehouse

Being silly.  Jason, aka ghost hunter, thought he was getting orbs in the pictures

Second floor of Spaghetti Warehouse where the ghosts hang out

We took a short walk to visit the Donnellan Crypt under the bridge

La Carafe
This was our day of rest.  We did a lot of laying around - Jason watched the Texans game and I watched Twilight. 

Jason and Tucker hanging out with their matching fleece sweatshirts!

Vegas 2011 - Day Three

I was dying to try Simon's Pajama Brunch at The Palms.  No one recommended it to me, but I read about it online and saw it featured on an episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.  It wasn't hard to convince everyone else to go.  I had Jason at "Bloody Mary Bar" and I had the other's at "Junk Food Plate."  They even have a candy bar as you leave, but we were all too full to make a bag.

Simply Heaven and I will eat here every time I come to Vegas!

The "Junk Food Plate" at Simon

The Pigs in a Blanket off of the "White Trash" section of the Simon menu

I had to have some fruit loops and dirt cake with my bottomless mimosa!   Breakfast of champions!

Amanda ordered the banana and nutella yummy!
The boys decided to spend Sunday betting on football games so we split up.  They headed to Caesar's and Amanda and I went shopping!  We didn't feel too guilty spending a little money since we knew the boys were spending it gambling on games.  At least we knew would be come out with something to show for it.  And boy did we...


We went to lots of stores around Palazzo, Venetian and Planet Hollywood, but spent most of our money at Tory Burch and H&M!

We didn't make it out of the Tory Burch store without buying matching bracelets and a few other goodies!

After shopping all day we needed a little treat at Sugar Factory.

Almond Joy Martini at Sweet Factory

S'mores Martini

Flamingos at Flamingo

After stomping around Vegas some more looking for those darn flamingos (at least we burned a lot of calories), we finally met back up with the boys and played some black jack...trying to win my shopping money back! 

I finished the weekend out strong at the Pussycat Lounge! 

For dinner, we went to Aureole at Mandalay Bay.  Jason has been wanting to try this place for years!  They have received lots of awards and are known for their "wine angels stewards" who ascend the four-story wine tower to retrieve the bottles of wine.  It was a beautiful restaurant, the wine tower was neat to see, but the food was sub-par, at least the night we were there compared to all of our other meals. 

Carter had could really rate the steak by then, because that is what he had all three nights! 

Aureole's electronic wine list!  You just click on what you want and they bring it out to you.

Awful picture of the four-story wine tower.  I tried!
 We finished the trip off with a visit to The Fright Dome at Circus Circus.  We did a few of the haunted houses including Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Halloween which were really good.  This was voted one the scariest haunted houses in the nation. 

Another scary thing we saw was Circus Circus itself.  Old hotel that is not very nice and in not a great part of town.  Unless you are going for Fright Dome, skip this one! 

We had a great trip and can't wait for the next one! 

Vegas 2011 - Day Two

We really packed a TON into day two.  We started off with brunch at Mesa Grill at Caesar's.  This is a Bobby Flay restaurant and another recommendation by Jenni.  It was another fantastic meal.  We split a breakfast quesadilla appetizer and then each had an entree.  Needless to say, we did not eat again until dinner.

Jason's plate, a ranchero breakfast tostada with a side of chorizo

Our next stop was at the Shark Reef at Mandalay Bay.  I really wanted to do this so everyone humored me, but it was really great- so was Mandalay Bay.  I want to stay there next trip! 

My embarrassing moment of the trip was at the Shark Reef when I leaned over to touch a sting ray and my sunglasses fell in!  I didn't want to get in trouble (I'm a dork) so I shot my hand in to retrieve them, scaring the string ray, but mostly me, causing even more of a commotion.  Everyone around laughed at me!

I clearly didn't know how to wear this hat
 After the Shark Reef we went to New York, New York to ride the roller coaster.  I was excited for it, Jason was not, but then roles reversed.  Jason loved it, I hated it.  I guess my love of roller coasters left me in college.  After having my head banged around, I wanted a boot from Coyote Ugly! 

So touristy of us I know, but my boot filled with pina colada was great and it got me tons of stares all day!

Amanda opted for the Football filled with blue daiquiri

Also, during the trip, I realized that I love posing with statues:

That night, we headed to Koi for dinner at Planet Hollywood.  Jason and I went to Koi during our last trip so we wanted to go back. Carter was a great sport for letting us indulge in sushi that night. 

After dinner, we headed to The Mirage to see The Beatles LOVE show which was SO WONDERFUL!  I highly recommend this to anyone and everyone! 

After the show, we gambled a bit more, but I was losing so we had a "fourth" meal around 1am at California Pizza Kitchen at The Mirage and headed to bed.  Jason and I had not seen 1am in a while and even outlasted Carter and Amanda.  Proud moment.


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