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Monday, August 17, 2009

Nose Hair Threading...Who Knew?

Has anyone out there been threaded? I have a very funny story about a threading experience I recently had, but first a brief intro on this beauty practice.


Threading is an ancient method of hair removal, originating from the Indian subcontinent, it has spread to the Middle and Far East and is now gaining popularity in Western countries. Most common areas that get threaded are eyebrows, upper lip, or the entire face. {Source: Wikipedia}

Threading is a great alternative to waxing. I have found that it is cheaper than waxing and doesn't leave as much irritation or redness around the site. According to Wikipedia, threading involves a thin, twisted cotton thread that is rolled around the hairline and basically plucks the hair out of the skin. It is different from tweezing because it can take out an entire row of hair at one time which results in straighter lines. Another great reason why I prefer threading over eyebrows look great afterwards!

If you are interested in being threaded, call around to local salons. I found a great upscale salon near my house that threads. I go about once a month (although they tell you to do it every 2 weeks...I don't have that kind of time) and get my eyebrows and upper lip done. Yes, I am telling the world that I get my lip threaded...get over it!

My Story

So I went to my salon for my normal monthly threading trip. My normal girl was off that day, so I was scheduled with a new lady. I was promised that she was great and would take good care of me. First was the eyebrows. While this lady, we will call her "Nancy", took a little longer at the brows, she did a great job. Lovely!

Next was the dreaded lip. This part hurts like a bleep! While this is done you lay back and have to put your tongue against your lip to make it tight for them. I always close my eyes, because it hurts so bad, I tear up. "Nancy" was doing her thing and working on the place directly under my nose when OWWWWW, she is suddenly threading my nose hairs! Can you imagine the pain? It happened so quickly that I couldn't stop it.

After I left, I looked at my poor nose and it was bald! I was nose hairless and in pain. Oh well, I thought, they must have been out of control-until I found out that nose hairs serve a purpose and actually help your body fight infection.

Lucky for me -they grow back, but I think of it every time I go to get threaded. Oh the horror of Nose Hair Nancy! Beware!

Anyone else have a painful and weird personal grooming experience?

Two warnings if you are thinking of threading:

- Be careful where you go. I have noticed that mall kiosks now offer this service. While I have never given this a try and they may be more than qualified, make sure you go to someone who has been formally trained.

- It hurts!!!!!! This is a con when comparing to waxing. The eyebrows are manageable, but the lip hurts a lot. It brings tears to my eyes every single time I do it. I think it hurts worse than getting a tattoo, BUT it the pain only lasts for about 1 minute. You can do it!

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