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Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Burger Club

Visit #2 - Smash Burger

The Burger Club hit the town again two Fridays ago to try out another burger place and to celebrate Ashley's birthday!  Since we have noticed Smash Burgers popping up all around Houston we thought it was necessary for us to educate ourselves on what this place was all about...

We learned that it is called Smash Burger because they literally smash the meat up while cooking it.  Fun!  I liked the simplistic can get different types of burgers and different types of fries-pretty basic!

They offer Smash Fries which are french fries with a garlic seasoning, onion strings (Bob's fave) and Veggie Frites (vegtable sticks with olive oil and seasoning on them for the health conscious consumer)...we tried them all of course!  

All in all: great burger, okay fries, boring atmosphere, but cool baskets.  To me it felt like a typical chain restaurant - good food and service, but not enough character.  I think my fellow burger club members agree...

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