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Monday, January 3, 2011

2010 in Review

2010 was a year of change for me and Jason.  We survived enjoyed our first year of marriage, sold our house, moved, both changed jobs, traveled and tried to relax once in a while.  Here is our 2010 year in review.  We look forward to a great 2011! 

# of weddings attended:  3 
Laura + Craig: Fort Worth, TX
Stephie + Cody: Las Vegas, NV
Jenni + Chris: The Woodlands, TX

# of funerals attended: 1

# of trips:  2 (Costa Rica and Vegas)

Album of the Year: Contra, Vampire Weekend

Song of the Year: Sweet Disposition, The Temper Trap

Craziest Month:  July - we sold our house, we moved, left our former jobs and both started new jobs all in 1 month!

Biggest Accomplishments - My biggest accomplishment in 2010 was losing weight.  It's so hard to do, but I've stuck with it and lost around 14 pounds to date.  I may have gained 1 or 2 the past few weeks due to holiday indulgence, but I promise to get back on it this week!  I'm also proud to be more than halfway complete with my provisional year with the Junior League of Houston.  I've logged many hours at Texas Children's Hospital this year and just started waitressing in the JL Tea Room.  I can't speak for Jason, but I'm going to say that one of his biggest accomplishments this year was being named President of MPI (Meeting Planners International), an organization related to his career.  He is now halfway through his term, and the chapter is having an excellent year so far...ranked one of the best chapters in the country! 

Jason just pointed out as I write this was that another accomplishment was that we maintained our sanity during the craziness and all of the change of the year.  We definitely leaned on each other during those crazy times plus we have an awesome support system too.  Thanks to all of our great family members, friends and coworkers.  And a special thanks to my mom who always helps me when things get crazy! 

My awesome mom, Shelley!

Concerts attended:  5 (weak) - One of my goals for 2011 is to attend more, but that is for another blog post!  I got to see BuzzFest (Limp Bizkit, Seether, 30 Seconds to Mars, Deftones, Three Days Grace), Vampire Weekend, The Buzz Weenie Roast (Chevelle, Puddle of Mudd, Sevendust, Shinedown), Stone Temple Pilots, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Beach House, Jimmy Eat World, Smashing Pumpkins.

 Buzzfest, May 2010

Musicals attended: 2 - Wicked and A Christmas Carol

At Wicked with my stepsisters, Jessica and Nicole

Scariest Moment of the Year - Monkey attack in Costa Rica!  Okay, I wasn't really attacked, but while on a mangrove tour on a boat, the captain pulled up to the land where a handful of capuchin monkeys were hanging out.  One of the monkeys jumped on the roof of the boat, hissing and showing his sharp teeth and then used me as a launching pad to exit.  I walked away with just a scratch, but a very cool story.

The actual "attack" monkey

Funniest Moment of the Year - Paying a ton of money for a couples membership to a gym and then walking across the street to stuff our faces with burgers and fries.  So typical.  Kind of like the time we woke up with super sore arms from throwing darts the night before.  Sad but true.

Coolest Moment of the Year - Fishing in Costa Rica (Thanks Mom and LE!!!).  My favorite part was seeing how happy Jason was to catch huge tuna.  My second favorite part was that I caught the biggest fish of the day!

Best Thing We Did - MOVE!  We were so blessed to sell our townhouse just a month after putting it on the market.  We could not have had a easier sale.  And now, we LOVE living inside the loop, closer to all of our fave spots, in a low-maintenance place.  We are never leaving!

Happy New Year everyone! 
Thanks for reading this little blog.
Love, Chelsea, Jason and Tucker

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