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Thursday, January 28, 2010

New Coach Handbags for Spring

Coach just introduced some hot new bags for Spring!  I love the floral print!  I will have to see them in person...the gold seems a little questionable.  I am not a fan of super-shiny gold.  I will keep you posted, but please let me know if you happen to scope them before I do. 

Madison Floral Carryall, $358.00

Madison Floral Swingpack, $138.00

This is more of a practical Spring bag that will go with so many outfits!  I would buy this tomorrow if it were only half the price. 

Madison Leather Spectator Carryall, $398.00

Finally, this is my love, love!  I saw this one in person a few weeks ago, tried it on and fell in bag love.  Again, don't really have $350 to throw around, but if I did, this is my fave bag!

Peyton Signature Sateen Large Carryall, $348.00

Are there any new bags that you are eyeing for the Spring? 


  1. I'm reading Bitter is the New Black too!!!

  2. How cool! What are the odds? How do you like it so far?



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