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Monday, July 19, 2010

Bye, Bye House!

Jason and I sold our house!!!!!!!!!  And, it was only on the market for a few weeks!  We are so lucky and blessed. 

The catch - we found out this weekend that we have to be out by this Friday!!!!  We thought it was literally impossible, but we put our heads together and are somehow making it happen. 

I couldn't be more excited though.  It was a great little house for our first year of marriage, but I'm so ready to get closer in town!  If you remember, I moved in to this house that Jason has owned for 6 years after we got married.  It made sense for us at the time and we made it cute, but I never really warmed up to it. 

We found a great apartment in the middle of town.  There is so much around it that is within walking distance and I LOVE it!  We plan to do the urban thing for a few years before kiddo time. 

Gotta run so we can get everything together.  Oh and did I mention that I just started a new job so this is not the best time for a rushed move. 

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