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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Just Because

Jason surprised me today with a necklace I've been lusting after since last May, no really, read here.  I came home to a scavenger hunt and found an Anthropologie gift card that I earned last week from my weight loss game (that's another post) and my very own Bullet Girl necklace!!! 

I love that there is a disclaimer on the Bullet Girl website that says to not wear your piece at the airport because you will not make it through security.  You know this has happened to a few people.  Definitely check out their line.  One of the designers is Houston based.  The line took off after Kim Kardashian flashed a pic of herself wearing one of the necklaces on her Twitter account. 

From the Bullet Girl website: Bullets symbolize violence but our new line of jewelry shifts the paradigm, transforming them into symbols of inner strength, personal conviction, and unflinching affirmation of self.

Thanks babe...your surprise is coming up next with Surprise Day Night on Friday!  Wonder what we will be doing...

1 comment:

  1. This is really a beautiful necklace. The bullet design of the necklace is very unique. The silver color looks very nice with the design. Please mention where I can get the other piece. This is very classy and stylish necklace. I am sure everyone likes it.



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