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Monday, June 6, 2011

Weekend Recap

We were pooped from the week (a typical Friday feeling) so we just grabbed a bite down the street and headed home to chill. I had my head in a new book, The First Husband by Laura Dave, the rest of the evening.

I had a haircut and added some beautiful blond highlights for the summer, while Jason did some stuff 'round the house. More reading Saturday afternoon. Saturday evening we had reservations at Post Oak Grill in Sugar Land. My parents gave us a gift certificate there for Christmas that we forgot we had! It was such a treat! Since we really never got around to properly celebrating our 2 Year Wedding Anniversary, Jason told them we were celebrating that when making reservations...

Way to go Jason! They gave us the best table, had rose pedals sprinkled on the table when we arrived and surprised us with one of our favorite desserts, Tres Leches. It was so much fun!

I was so excited to spend the morning and early afternoon at home.  I didn't have anywhere to go so I was able to read, clean, do laundry and relax!  It was so nice.  I finished The First Husband and started the third and final book of The Hunger Games trilogy, Mockingjay

We also had tickets for Houston's Free Press Summerfest, a two-day music festival at Eleanor Tinsley park.  We skipped out on Saturday's shows.  We weren't jazzed by any of the bands and it was HOT outside.  Sunday afternoon we headed out there, mostly to see Weezer at 8:30, but we got there around 5ish. 

Call us old, call us boring, call us lame, but we were so not prepared for what was Summerfest. 

It smelled HORRIBLE. 
Everyone there smelled because they were sweaty and gross from baking all day in the 100 degree heat, There was trash EVERYWHERE. 
We walked around, grabbed a cold beverage and found our spot on the hill, pretty typical.  But this was not your normal hill, it was so steep which made sitting very uncomfortable...
then the ants started...
then the thunder and lightning started...
then the rain started...
then the dread of the inevitable port-a-potty trips started...
And we still had hours until Weezer...
I'm ashamed to say it, but we left before seeing my beloved Weezer!

My judgement was clouded by the stink.  I'm feeling a little regretful today, but I've seen them plenty of times and promised myself next time they are in Houston, we will go.  
Summerfest...and yes, that's a huge butt crack.  Sorry- that was our view!
2 Tickets to Summerfest: $100.00
Parking at Summerfest:  $10.00
2 Beers at Summerfest:  $9.00
Not having to use a Summerfest Restroom:  Priceless

1 comment:

  1. You are mischaracterizing yourselves as old and boring for not wanting to endure heat, smell, trash, buttcracks, etc. I call that enlightened, mature, using common sense, dare I say..."grown up?"



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