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Thursday, December 15, 2011

2011 Christmas Card

Our cards have finally hit the mail so we can post them online.  Jason and I started sending out family Christmas cards the year we got engaged in 2008.  It's so fun to go back and look at them and even more fun to open up your mailbox this time of year! 

This year, I used to design our cards.  Minted is a little more expensive than my usual Shutterfly cards, but I love the way they turned out and the quality of the paper.  The site gives you so many options when designing.  We used our pictures from our "Pocket Shots" session with Robyn Arouty, pet photographer extraordinaire!

Front of card:

Back of card:

I'm linking up with Faith's Christmas Card Carousel 2011!  Thanks to Faith for hosting this!  Your Erin Condren cards are super cute by the way : )


  1. This is so fun and y'all are super cute! Love your shoes in the pic =)

    Thank you for joining in the fun. Hope you have a very Merry CHRISTmas!

  2. I got mine yesterday! I love it!!!

  3. Oh, I love the minted cards! I have business cards from there, Definitely checking them out for next year's holiday card!

  4. Visiting from the Card Carousel!

    Love your card!!! Shoes are fabulous & your pup is TOO cute!!

  5. Thanks LC! The shoes are Nine West : )

    Jen - I have business cards from Minted too that are so cute.

    Faith - Thanks again for hosting the card carousel. It's been so fun seeing everyone's cards! So happy I found this!

    Laura - Natalie looks so adorable in the picture you sent! I have her sweet face hanging on display!



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