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Monday, June 18, 2012


As I've mentioned before, J and I bought a house in Sugar Land and are currently doing a few updates before we move in. 
It's been such an exciting process!  Right now the walls are getting painted, the floors are being refinished, replacing some carpet with wood (have I mentioned my carpet phobia before) and doing a bit of updating to the master bath...Project "Remove All Gold."   

We have also been making very adult purchases like a refrigerator and washer/dryer. 

Even though we don't live there yet, we visit often and have a couple of fun house moments worth mentioning:

-  Large turtle we found swimming in our pool last weekend!  I named him Sammy...I tend to name a lot of animals that.

-  Meeting Neighbors!  So far we've only met one set a neighbors, but they are the coolest!  While we were doing pool stuff on Saturday a couple with their precious daughter walked over to introduce themselves and welcome us.  They even brought us a six-pack of assorted Texas beers!  They are nice, our age and seemed like people Jason and I will be friends with.  How exciting, especially coming from a huge apartment complex where the idea of getting to know neighbors is lost on everyone.

I can't wait to move and show you around.  Here are a few peeks for now...

Tucker surveying the work

We've Jason had to learn how to take care of a pool.

Sometimes we feel like we are moving to the jungle!  There was a a crazy bird attack going on in the trees last week.  We also learned that a neighbor close to our house found a 4 foot alligator in the bushes!

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