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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween 2012

We had an awesome Halloween in our new home last night.  After eating "Spooky Spaghetti with bloody meat sauce" for dinner we got the house all ready for trick-or-treaters.  This meant cue the fog machine, light the pumpkins, creepy music and monsters outside. 

Jason even wore a mask.  After the first few groups of kids, we learned a couple of things:

1.  Tone down the scariness 

At least in the earlier part of the night.  One mom said it was a little too scary.  We had one cry.  We didn't ditch the monsters, but Jason took off the mask and changed music from the Exorcist to something a little happier.  Less fog too. 

Jason as an old, creepy man

2. 2-3 pieces of candy per person is the right amount

Jason gives out way too much candy!  He was giving each kid a huge fistful and I was scared we were going to run out of candy too early, so I limited it to one piece per kid, but then started getting dirty looks.  We ended up doing a two-fer dump per person!

3.  Only bring out your dressed-up dog if he is friendly
The most popular thing about our house was not all of the cool decorations, but Tucker dressed as Batman.  I brought him to the door each time to show him off, but then everyone wanted to pet him.  Tucker is fine with adults, but HATES kids so this made me so nervous.  He was awesome and didn't bite anyone.  Maybe he is trying to be more tolerant since he has a little sibling coming and he doesn't want to be shipped off to "the farm."

Tucker as Batman, 2012

I think he is smiling in this picture.  Probably because I didn't dress him up as a girl this year or make him wear headg gear.

4.  Turn off your lights by 9:00
After 9pm we started getting older teenagers who were mean!  The last group asked for more candy after we gave them a TON and then argued with Jason after he said no.  Then they griped that they wanted different candy....and we had the good stuff!  We turned the lights out after that and texted our neighbors a warning. 

5.  Learn what the previous homeowners did to decorate
Several kids were disappointed that we didn't have spider webs everywhere.  We just thought lots of other houses did this or they thought that our inflatable spider needed a web.  Come to find out when we spoke to our neighbors that every year in the past, our house was decorated with spider webs and giant spiders on the house and gate.  Didn't mean to disappoint kiddos!  We know for next year. 

Hope everyone had a great Halloween.  Now time for Thanksgiving! 

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