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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Pregnancy Must-Haves

I'm only 24 weeks along in my first pregnancy, so I am by no means an expert, but these are the items that I haven't been able to live without thus far in my pregnancy.  I have heavily relied on other bloggers' pregnancy and baby must-haves so I wanted to share one of my own!

Boppy Prental Total Body Pillow
A body pillow is a must when pregnant...or you can use a second pillow to put in between your legs.  It has helped me sleep on my side and in recent weeks has given me back pain relief.  My back feels so much better the next day when I use this.  My only complaint about the Boppy is that if you want to switch sides in the middle of the night, you have to flip the whole thing over.  I've got it down to a science now, but it was annoying at first.  Leachco makes a pillow that addresses the "flipover" issue, but complaints on this one is that it's more expensive and takes up a TON of room in the bed.  This might be good only for those with a King...or ones looking to kick hubby out of the bed!

Just be warned that little chihuahuas love this pillow too!

Ugg Dakota Slippers
These would be great for anyone, pregnant or not, but man do they feel great after a long day.  I pretty much live in these on the weekends too.  Plus, they have sturdy, rubber soles on the bottom so you can wear them outside, running errands and help clumsy people like me from falling down our slippery, wood stairs!

Genie Bras
I've had such a hard time finding a comfortable bra to wear all day.  I think my issue is that I'm short waisted so not only is my belly expanding, but that expansion creeps up into the chest area.  I took this issue up with a group of moms on and an overwhelming # of women raved about the Genie Bra.  These bras can be purchased at Target both in-store and online.  For only $20.00 you get a nude and a black bra with removable bra pads.  While they aren't great for every outfit, these are so comfortable and provide me with enough lining and support, while giving a good shape. 

Gap Always Skinny Jeans with Demi Panel
I need to dedicate an entire post on maternity clothing must-haves, but these have been my favorite jeans.  I have tried other styles of Gap jeans with full panel and other brands, but the Always Skinny with Demi Panel take the prize for most comfortable and best looking.  I love them because they stay put (I've found that the full panel rides down) and grow with your expanding belly.  My favorite is the dark wash (not pictured) because they are slimming and dressy enough for Fridays at work.  FYI, Gap also makes these in Ankle, Regular and Long length!

Bencheley Decaf Apricot Tea
Hello, my name is Chelsea and I'm addicted to coffee.  Or so I was until learning I was pregnant last September.  Silly as it sounds, giving up coffee was one of my biggest fears about being pregnant.  I drank it morning, noon and night.  I know I could be drinking decaf coffee now, but that would be like giving a virgin drink to an alcoholic...just a sad replacement or gateway drug.  I've now replaced my coffee habit with hot tea in the morning or right before bed.  I'm in love with this brand that my mom discovered.  Although hard to find this tea comes in a variety of decaf flavors and is so good!

Double Insulated Plastic Tumblers
I have to remind myself to drink enough water everyday and it must be COLD.  I've found if I make myself a cold ice water with lemon to take to work that I will drink and refill throughout the day and get enough water for me & Jack.  That's why I love double-insulated plastic tumblers (lid and straw are a must).  They don't sweat and keep your drink cold.  I love my 16 oz. chevron one that Jason bought me, but am dying for a monogrammed 24 oz. Tervis Tumbler....Valentine's Day, Jason...hint, hint!

Baby Bargains Book
One of the best reads I've had so far during the pregnancy, this book is a must read before trying to register.  Trust me.  You do want to make sure you buy the latest version to ensure you are getting the latest product reviews.  The 9th edition is what I read.  The next edition is set to release mid-April 2013. 

Clarisonic Mia2
Clearly this is another non-pregnant specific product great for anyone, but it's been a lifesaver for pregnant me.  Even if I can't control all of the changes going on with my body, at least I can have great skin!  I purchased the Mia2 version around Christmas time when I had a killer coupon for it, but honestly, would recommend saving $50 and buying the regular Mia version.  The only difference is the speed settings, which I never use. 

Prenatal Yoga
I started a prenatal yoga series last week and have already done 3 classes.  Not only do I feel amazing after the class, but I'm learning great stretches and positions to use everyday to relieve my constant back pain and to aid in labor.  I recommend trying to find a local yoga studio to take these classes so you can make sure you are doing all of the poses right, plus it's a great way to meet other moms to be in your area.  If you can't find a studio there are lots of Prenatal Yoga DVD's you can try!

Amazon Prime Membership
I purchased an Amazon Prime membership around Christmas time and it's already paid for itself between Christmas presents and baby items.  I know we will continue to get great use out of this, especially for diapers!  Who can beat free 2-Day shipping plus Amazon's awesome prices. 

Fellow Bloggers & Websites
As I said earlier, I have heavily relied on other bloggers' advice about baby products & maternity must-haves.  Some faves are Lucie's List, Little Baby Garvin, Baby Center (especially the group forums) and my sweet Pi Phi sister, Vanessa!

Hope this list helps you as much as others have helped me.  What other items were pregnancy must-haves for you? 



  1. Aw, thanks for the shout out Chelsea! :) Love your list! You will love Amazon prime even more once the baby is here because when you realize you need things, you need them ASAP…and this way you don't have to leave the house either!

    Oh and I think I'm going to need the Mia!!

  2. Thanks for the tips! I love reading your blog and getting updates. I'm about a week behind you, so it's a great preview of what's to come :)
    I LOVE that pillow and heading to Target tomorrow for the bras!

    1. Hey Lori! So happy to know your read the blog. It's so fun that we are due so close together. I hope you are feeling great! You'll have to let me know if you like those bras.

  3. I love, love, love Amazon prime and the Subscribe and Save feature. Once I started carrying a baby (whether in a carrier or big enough to sit in the seat) into the grocery store, I started subscribing to have the big stuff delivered, from diapers, to toilet paper and detergent.

    And a big YES on the Dakota slippers. They are the last thing I change out of in the morning and the first thing I change into when I walk in the door. So comfy!



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