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Friday, July 19, 2013

Five on Friday

Told you this would be my only post this week!  Time to link-up for Five on Friday.  Hope ya'll had a great week.


I started back to work this week.  It was not as bad as I had hindsight I wish I would not have spent my whole maternity leave dreading going back to work.  God takes care of these things. 


Last Sunday Jack and I attended a Ladies (except for Jack) Brunch/Tea Party to celebrate Ashley's birthday.  It was so fun and Jack was great.  We each brought a dish to pass, but the entertainment was provided by Erin who ran her car into a ditch and had to be towed out by AAA! 

Happy Birthday Ashley!!!!


I'm hooked on two shows right now that are completely out of character for me.  American Ninja Warrior and Get Out Alive with Bear Grylls make my Mondays better (both on NBC).  I'm also loving Mistresses on ABC on Mondays...I just love Alyssa Milano.


I spent countless hours researching the perfect infant seat when I was pregnant.  Only 2.5 months in and I'm already thinking about convertible car seats for Mr. Jack.  Originally I planned on buying a Britax since so many Bloggers rave about it, however the Chicco Nextfit (same brand as my infant seat) was introduced just a few months ago and all I am hearing are RAVES.  My friend Lauryn and Sis-in-law Stephie both have one and love it.  Anyone else have a Nextfit? 

Intrigue Pattern


I have come to love breastfeeding.  It started out as something I did just for Jack since we all know the benefits of it, but now at week 11, I've learned to actually LOVE it.  It's the one thing that only I can provide for him.  I've even grown to love breast pumping...probably because the competitor in me gets excited about how much milk I can pump out in a day.  I've turned it into a game, ha!  I have a post coming soon about how I survived the rough parts of breastfeeding. 

Have a great weekend!!!

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