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Monday, March 17, 2014

Our Weekend

Hope you had a great weekend!  We had one of those "nothing to do, yet I'm totally exhausted" weekends. 

Friday -

I prematurely reported on Friday that Jack's ear infection was cleared up.  I should have known better than to type those words.  Jack woke up with a horrible rash Friday morning, but I slapped some steroid cream that we use for his eczema and within hours it was gone.  We had an appointment with his ENT about his ongoing ear infection and the verdict was - fluid still in ear so another round of antibiotics and a followup in 2 weeks.  Ugh!

After work and putting Jack to bed, Jason and I sat down to watch Catching Fire together.  Within 10 minutes Jason was passed out so I watched the movie with a side of snoring, but it was good!

Saturday -

Jack's rash was now full-blown hives.  We continued to watch him and give Benadryl.  My mom and I ran to Nordstrom so she could buy some bathing suits for an upcoming trip.  I took no part in this except to help her grab things.  We had lunch at Bistro N and ran into a sweet friend!  Jack tagged along so Jason could write a paper for school.  He was such a good boy during the entire shopping trip and lunch.  He even had two important firsts: his first taste of creme brulee (loved) and his first visit to Louis Vuitton (not impressed)! 

Sidenote: I can't say enough good things about the third floor women's restroom at the Houston Nordstrom.  There is a huge Mother's Lounge inside with a couch, cozy chair, changing area and private sink.  It makes shopping trips with a little so much more enjoyable.  Both times I've used it, I ended up chatting it up with other nursing moms which made the trip that much more enjoyable!  

Sunday -

And the hives were worse, covering his entire body and face.  More Benadryl and most definitely a trip to the doctor on Monday.  I went to Church by myself and left Jason and Jack at home.  The only reason I got my butt out in the rain by myself was because we hadn't been to church in weeks and I didn't want the congregation to send out a search party!  Jason was stressed about his paper and Jack just looked terrible.  Even though he was acting fine and the Benadryl was working I didn't want him to scare the other kids!

Quiet, relaxing Sunday afternoon?  Ha!  I spent the rest of the day doing laundry, grocery shopping, meal prepping for the week, making baby food (yes, Jack still eats purees), cleaning the house, organizing closets and playing with little man.  Jason had to run to the hotel for a few hours so it was just me, Jack and Tuck. 

Thanks for reading!  I hope my truly exciting weekend didn't bore you to death.  What did your weekend look like? 


  1. Ahh! I hate that Jack had such a terrible rash/hives...I would FREAK out! You sound like a much more calm mama than me :)
    Grayson has refused all purees from day one, like literally has never taken more than two bites of anything I made him - so much wasted time with the Baby Bullet! So I'm SUPER jealous that your little guy is still eating purees. It's so hard to come up with healthy stuff to fix him when it has to be easy to chew!
    Also - hooray from stores that consider nursing mamas! I've found several places around here that have great mother's rooms and it makes me want to be such a loyal customer - you have no idea how important it is until you can't find a comfy place to go.

  2. Hate that Jack still isn't feeling well!! But, glad that you were able to enjoy some shopping time on Saturday!

    Hope you're having a better week than last!



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