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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Easter Basket Goodies

I'm so excited this year to be able to make an Easter Basket for Jack (even though he won't remember).  I ordered his basket from Pottery Barn Kids (currently on sale) and am so pleased with how it turned out.  I'm also super happy I went with the smaller size.  It's still a very generous size that Jack can grow into.  I can't imagine how huge the large must be. 

I've collected a few things so far to fill it with including:

Peter Rabbit Books and here
Easter Plate
Monogrammed Easter Outfit by Nolafionnah
Bunny PJ's (Thank you Ashley for this find), also comes in pink

And I still plan to pickup a little stuffed bunny to complete everything!  Maybe a Jellycat?
What do you plan to fill your kiddo's baskets with? 


  1. I ordered the small from Pottery Barn as well and was thinking the same thing...large would be way to big!! I like your ideas...I've been trying to figure out what to put in an 8 month old's Easter basket.

    1. Basically just get stuff that you've been wanting to buy for your little...or things they need. Let's be honest, this year they will have no idea what's going on anyway! I will say that Jack has been having a blast playing with the plastic eggs!

  2. Uh Oh! I have the large size scheduled to arrive tomorrow from Pottery Barn.

    1. I wouldn't worry Stephanie...I can talk both sides of the fence! The larger version can work for years to come...I bet it's not that much larger anyway. It will probably even be better now that I think of it!!! Come back and tell me how it is!

  3. We are getting Aria a jellycat bunny for her basket! Maybe shoes too. And, a book. That's all I've got planned so far. I love the pottery barn baskets so much!

  4. I got a pretty big basket for my son at Target. When I got it home I realized the one item I had so far (a puzzle) wouldn't fit inside! haha Oh well, he's only 11 months, he won't know what is going on.
    I also got some eggs (not sure what I will put inside them, maybe Cheerios?), a new bib, a sippy cup with a chick on it, sunglasses, and a couple books. I've had the books and puzzles for a while and just didn't feel like they needed to be out/played with/read quite yet so they came in handy. I also have an outfit from target with a bunny hat! Not sure his Dad loves it but it will make for some cute pictures. :-)



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