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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Thoughts on Thursday: The Dreaded Bathing Suit Shopping

 Fourth of July Weekend Getaway with Family

Yesterday during my one-hour lunch break I ran to Macy's in desperate need of a bathing suit or two that I could actually wear in front of others.  I've been wearing two-pieces from my pre-Jack era and although (surprisingly) the bottoms fit pretty good all of the tops have been way too small - plus I'm still working on my mid-section since baby. 
I would probably just made due this summer, except that this weekend we are going to be in our swim gear in front of others.  Cover-ups are good for walking around, but sitting on a boat in the Houston heat you want to be in as little as possible. 
I ran into Macy's knowing one hour was pushing it to find the perfect suit - a must to try-on.  To make it even harder, all of the suits had been moved from their normal area to a teeny and crammed space thrown on a few racks and all mixed up.  I would have paid full price just to get some organization. 
Due to lack of time, I went through and only grabbed suits with a Ralph Lauren tag...old faithful!  I went into the dressing room with a mountain of options: two-pieces, one-pieces, tankinis and skirts. 
Good news: I found two suits that looks really good on and are super comfortable
Bad news: I just can't rock a two-piece these days
That's okay!  I'm working towards getting back to that one day.  In the meantime, I LOVE the one-pieces that I found.  They are both "tummy-control" but I love that the material isn't super thick so I'm hoping it won't be too hot. Very flattering and I will feel confident wearing these in public!

I have several great cover-ups to thrown on when walking around including this Pom-pom Tunic from J. Crew:


What do you wear when sporting a bathing suit in public?  Do you dread bathing suit shopping as much as I do?  

Thoughts for Thursday
Thank you Annie and Natalie for hosting this link-up today!


  1. We just had our first pool day this year and being four weeks post partum it did not wear a suit! I was hot and sweaty and wet from sitting on the edge of the pool after fifteen minutes. I only have two pieces as well and I'm ready to invest in some one pieces. I love the ones you've shown (and especially the jcrew coverup)! Have fun on the boat - I'm sure you'll look great!

  2. Absolutely dreading bathing suit season! Having a baby 2 months ago calls for some major jiggly bits. That coverup is adorable, I may just have to snag one for myself and my thighs.



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