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Friday, June 12, 2015

Stitch Fix Review #5 :: Maternity Edition!

I just received my 5th Stitch Fix Box, but this time requested maternity items!  I was super pumped to see what the new Maternity Stitch Fix was all about and I was pleasantly surprised.

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What is Stitch Fix?

For those of you who aren't familiar with Stitch Fix, it is a styling service that sends you 5 pieces of clothing and/or accessories pulled specifically for you. Once you receive the items you can try on, take pictures and see how they will work into your wardrobe - all in the comfort of your own home.  You have three days to decide to keep the items or send them back.  If you keep all five items you will receive 20% off the entire purchase.  If you send all 5 items back you lose your $20 stylist fee that would have been applied to your purchase.  Everyone fills out a style and fit questionnaire, but you can be as picky or open as you want in your communications to your stylist.  Stitch Fix recently launched both Maternity and Petite options!

So what did I receive and keep?

ONE :: Stitch Fix Brand 3-Pack Maternity Cami, $44.00 - SENT BACK
Love the idea of sending this long length cami set as part of the maternity box, however these are "one size fits most" and I did not fall into the "most" category - at least not comfortably.  Would be perfect for a size XS, S or maybe a M person.  Love the colors, stretch and length, but these just didn't work because of the sizing.  They were skin tight on me, plus I already have a brand of camis I own and love in multiple colors. 

TWO :: Mavi Freida Maternity Jean, $98.00 - SENT BACK
Again, a great maternity jean is a staple in any pregnant gals wardrobe, but I just didn't need these.  I already have and love several pairs from Gap that fit me better {and were cheaper} so this item was an easy pass for me.  Thank goodness since $98 seems steep for maternity jeans.  Also note that these are full panel which I find gets way too hot for the summer.  I prefer demi-panel items.  Let that belly breathe!

THREE :: Gilli Alina Printed Maxi Skirt, $58.00 - KEPT
In my note to my stylist I requested a maternity maxi dress.  While my stylist didn't come through on a dress, she sent this maxi skirt which is the next best thing...maybe better since I don't currently have a maxi skirt.  While it might not be the most flattering piece of maternity clothing to my body, it's cool, so comfortable and I love the colors!  This is a must keep and because of the great stretch, will grow with me!  I can see myself dressing it up for church or dressing it down lounging around the house or running errands.   In the pictures, I just paired the skirt with this v-neck black maternity tee I already owned.

In the picture on the right, I tied the skirt in a knot (as suggested on the Stitch Fix Facebook Page) to help with the length and give it a fresh twist!

FOUR :: Pale Sky Lottie Pleated Maternity Blouse, $68.00 - KEPT
Love this top {don't mind the wrinkles, it just came out of the box}!  Love the color and I don't have anything in my {maternity} closet this color.  It has a perfect, long length and is very breezy and light for the summer.  I can easily dress it up or down for work or play.  So while I think $68 is highway robbery for a top of this quality, I went ahead and kept it knowing that it will get lots of wear...that is where Stitch Fix gets you.  Even if you think the price is a little much, you already have it in your closet just waiting to be worn so it's hard to say no!

I plan to wear with some neon yellow pieces {here} I already own for a fun, weekend look!

FIVE  :: Papermoon Bankside Split Neck Tunic, $64.00 - SENT BACK
I like the idea of this tunic.  Very earthy and bohemian and I think on the right person it would be really beautiful for some outdoor maternity pics, however it just wasn't working for me.  The long sleeves are not going to work in this Houston heat and the maternity wasn't very breathable.  There was no stretch either so it wouldn't grow with me in the coming months.  Easy pass. 

FINAL THOUGHTS ::  I am very happy with my first maternity Stitch Fix.  My hope was that I'd end up with at least one item that I loved so to end up with two that I know I will wear a lot this summer is great!  I highly recommend at least giving Stitch Fix a try.  All you have to lose is $20, but the experience is so fun.  With most of my boxes I ended up keeping at least one item, so then you don't lose that $20 styling fee.  Please let me know if you have any questions about the service.  I do recommend adding as many notes as you can to your stylist in order to get a box that you will love. 
If you want to give Stitch Fix a try, you can use my referral link here to sign-up. 
Note that I will receive a $25 credit if you sign-up.  Hopefully then someone will do the same for's like subscription box karma!


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  1. That blue is a great color on you! I'm this close to signing up! I need to just try it ;)

  2. I think you got some great items, but totally agree on the items you decided to keep! :)

  3. That skirt looks adorable on you! Love it!

  4. I didn't know they did a maternity option! How cool!

    Thanks for linking up with us for H54F!




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