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Monday, April 11, 2016

Weekend Recap

Hello Monday.  I'm not too pleased that you are here again, especially since Sunday blurred into Monday for me when Colin couldn't sleep all night.  Actually he did sleep, as long as I was holding him upright - which meant mama didn't sleep.  By 3am I had decided that I would call in sick to work and sleep all day, but alas I started feeling guilty and made it to the office. 

We had a busy weekend and were all nursing colds {except Jason, lucky bastard}. 


On Friday I cut out of the office a bit early in order to get a few things done for our busy weekend.  It's so much easier to run errands without kiddos.  When I got home though I was sad to find Jack looking super sick.  He was acting normal and kept saying he felt fine {probably because he wanted to play outside} but looked awful with a runny nose and watery eyes.  We took it easy that evening and put the boys to bed early.  Jason and I did a mini Walking Dead marathon since we got behind this season.  We still have 3 more episodes to go!


I attended a luncheon for The Boys & Girls Harbor at the Houstonian and had to leave mid-morning. I met my mom up there who was staying at the camp all weekend.  My Aunt Vicki was being honored for her work with the organization and in the community.  She is the owner of More Than You Can Imagine, a designer consignment store in Houston.  If you ever want a new designer handbag, shoes or clothing {or to sell one of your own} this is the place for it. 

The luncheon and fashion show was great.  My cousin even walked the runway!  I wore this dress and these earrings

Saturday afternoon was spent back at home being lazy and getting everyone well. 

Jason decided to get on a health-kick this week so I cleaned out the kitchen of all the crap and made a long grocery list and meal-planned.  You can never accuse me of not being a supportive wife!  Go big or go home. 


Sunday morning was the only time I had to hit the grocery store so I did this as soon as I woke up.  It took longer than usual and cost twice as much since we are trying to eat cleaner.  I kept telling myself "stay away from the interior of the store."

Jason left for church when I got home since he was a volunteer that morning.  I stayed home with the boys since all three of us were feeling bad.  I swear, all weekend Jason and I were just playing tag - as soon as he would get home it was time for me to leave.

After lunch, I headed to a local salon to get my makeup done and get a blowout for new head shots with Houston Moms Blog that evening.  I was 80% happy with the results, but did have to come home and fix a few things.  My go-to salon for these things is closed on Sundays, but I made do!

I ran home for a quick change, nursed Colin and got the boys going with dinner and then I was out the door again for the photoshoot at No Label BreweryMomma's Gonna Snap took the photos - the same photographer who did my maternity and Colin's newborn shots so it was great to see her!   I enjoyed catching up with all of the fabulous contributors and also just enjoyed some quiet car time to and from.

After much debate on Instagram of wearing this shirt or this shirt for headshots, I went neutral and paired it whit these earrings again and this necklace.  Shoes are super old from DSW and jeans are from Loft. 

I'm glad I got bit of quiet time because the rest of my night was anything but quiet.  Poor Colin was so congested. 


All three of us seem to be doing a bit better today so I'm hoping the worst is behind us! 

One happy thing about today is that tonight is the premier of The Real Housewives of Dallas on Bravo!  In honor of this I wrote a post on Houston Moms Blog about why Houston is Better Than Dallas {after watching this promo of the housewives talking trash about Houston}.  It's all in good fun and I even teamed up with Dallas Moms Blog so they could have a say in why they think Dallas is superior

You see, Houston and Dallas have a major rivalry going.  That is until you ask us who is better Oklahoma or Texas.  Then we unite for the greater good of the state.  It's a fun little rivalry that I can appreciate since I've lived in both cities - I was even more in Dallas!

Will you be watching Real Housewives of Dallas tonight?  I'm going to try and Snapchat during {if the boys will let me}.  Username theperfectcatch

Happy Monday!


Linking up with Biana and Meghan for Weekending! 

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