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Tuesday, July 14, 2020

My Recent Amazon Purchases

Quarantine has me utilizing delivery services more than ever: Amazon Prime, Grove, Instacart and Door Dash are among my favorites.  I'm excited to be back blogging after YEARS away and share my favorite Amazon quarantine purchases that are tested and have been given my stamp of approval.  

Warning: very random list ahead!!!

This post does contain affiliate links, but all products were purchased with my own money.

Jumpsuit :: Hello comfy!  Feels like pajamas, but cute enough to wear all day and out of the house (wishful thinking)!  I love that it has adjustable straps and the material is cool and washes well.  TTS - I purchased a large and am a true size 12 and 5'4''. I love this piece so much that I've already ordered it in another print!

Foot Cream :: I haven't had a professional pedicure since December or January - oh the horror!  This stuff is INCREDIBLE!  It's way more than just a lotion or cream.  Think foot peel but not quite as intense and with long-term results.  I use it a few times a week before bed.  I have a full at home pedicure post coming soon as I have mastered this process the past few months and may not ever go back to paying for one!

Sheets :: Yes, the infamous sheet set that every influencer under the sun has shared.  I've had these in my cart forever, but when our older sheets finally bit the dust I went ahead and gave them a shot and I'm telling you, they did NOT disappoint! I purchased the King size in white and we love them!  Comfy and cool.

Coffee :: There are a few things that we just can't run out of in this house - toilet paper, Topo Chico and coffee! Since quarantine I've been ordering it via Amazon and it's so much easier and guarantees we never run out.  Our favorite of this brand is the medium house blend.

Tea :: Coffee definitely trumps tea in our house, but tea is a close second.  I love to drink hot tea in the afternoons or before bed to curve my snacking habit. I used to have an expensive habit of grabbing my afternoon tea at Starbucks on my way home from work last year, but now I keep this one at home and it's delicious!

Coloring Book :: I love to color at night while watching a really heavy show like The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills or Below Deck! This one is so pretty and has the best inspirational quotes.

Paleo Pro Protein Powder :: This is hands down my favorite protein powder. I've been using it way before quarantine, but sometimes it can be hard to find so now I just get it on Amazon to make things easy! I love the Ancient Cacao in protein smoothies and chocolate banana pancakes.  The Aztec Vanilla protein is really good too - I use that one in my favorite snack to have on hand for the afternoons: Lemon Coconut Protein Balls.

Kids Foot Measure :: This is SOOOO random, but I needed to measure the boys fast-growing feet for summer shoes and this thing was perfect!  I don't anticipate taking them into stores anytime soon so I'm very happy to have this on hand.

Resistance Bands ::  We don't have a fancy home gym...just a tiny space we carved out of the playroom (part of the workout is avoiding stepping on tiny LEGO pieces), but we have a few items that help me get strength workouts done. Some small weights, a jumprope, yoga mat and sweat towels. I added a set of Resistance Bands recently and I'm so happy with these.

Bathtub Caddy :: I've always wanted a bathtub caddy to hold my book and wine glass, but it always seemed excessive and indulgent...until you find yourself stuck in your house for months!  Suddenly that bathtub caddy seems like a mental health necessity, ha!  My favorite candle pictured above smells so amazing without even having to light it!

Just to clarify when I say quarantine, we aren't actually in a strict quarantine right now, but with cases sky high in Texas we are staying at home as much as possible.  

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