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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Great Wedding Band Debate

I have a huge decision to make and I keep going back and forth! I know I am being dramatic and this is really a fun thing to have to worry with. My engagement ring is so beautiful-I love it so much and it is perfectly unique for me. It does have a unique shape to it so a flat wedding band will not sit flush on it. It is very vintage-looking-my fave!!! When I first saw the ring where it was designed (after I absolutley fell in love with it), I thought-"oh no!" I love it, but what will I do for a wedding band??? These are my options:

a. No band-just wear the engagement ring because it is pretty enough to stand alone
b. Have a band custom made to fit against the ring by the jeweler who designed and made the engagement ring. If I choose this option, I have already spoken to the jeweler and he suggests a thin band with small channel-set round diamonds to match my ring.

c. Get a traditional wedding band, wear it on my right hand and then if I ever don't want to wear the full on engagement ring, I can just wear the band on my left hand.

I need your opinion! Is anyone out there that has faced this dilemma?

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