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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Odds are I will trip and fall on my wedding day...

One would not use the word graceful to describe me. I definitely don't take myself very seriously because I trip and fall a lot! I trip on nothing, fall going up the stairs, get my heels caught in cracks at work...basically I'm a mess. I have scars on my knees to prove this!
It probably wasn't the best idea to choose the Vargo's gazebo as our ceremony venue because in order to get to Jason, I will have to make my grand entrance going over not one, but TWO bridges. Not even normal straight bridges, but long, unstable cable bridges; wood slats and all. I am sure bets have already been placed that I slip and fall at some point. Coincidentally, last Valentine's Day when Jason took me to dinner at Vargo's I fell very badly while walking across the exact bridge.

Oh well, that's what makes me, me, so maybe it will make our wedding day even more perfect if I eat it.

Not to disappoint this weekend with my clumsiness, Jason and I went for a bike ride. It was one of the best rides we have been on-we burned lots of calories and explored some really cool streets in Houston. On our way home, we were on a very busy street so we had to "off-road" it in the grass. There were some tiny trails to go on, but it you went an inch too much to the left, you were a goner...

I was a goner and fell directly into the ditch full of mud! I didn't hurt myself because the mud was so thick and mushy. It certainly was gross and Jason, plus all of the cars driving past, got a great laugh!

On a side note, Ashley and I got first place in the Southern Weddings Photo Contest...first place! Thank you to all who voted for us crazy, Texas girls!

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  1. Hey Chelsea,
    The wedding planning has calmed down a lot now that we've got the date set (3/13/10), my dress bought and a site picked out (golf course and hotel). I think it was just the initial WHAM! of everything hitting at once. Now my general mantra is "Whatever we choose to do and whatever happens...the outcome is still the same." Nothing else other than me marrying my best friend matters. I could marry him in our coaching sweats and still be the happiest girl alive. But I am finally getting used to being the fiance - it's a weird title though...I just think of us as Craig and Laura. Anyways...congrats on the photo contest - I went and voted!!!



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