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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Around the house...

Jason's favorite holiday is Halloween...I have no idea why. Needless to say we do it big in our house because of this. We started the decorating process this past weekend, followed by a trip to the movie theatre to see Rob Zombie's Halloween appropriate!

Our back patio has now been turned into a graveyard.

Our front door is more tame with a nice, subtle Halloween/Fall Wreath, but Jason just added a skull and pumpkin to our windowsill (not pictured)!

Also, this weekend-Jason potted our palm that was in the front yard and put it on the back patio...much better! 

Our front yard got a MAJOR makeover last weekend.  Unfortunately, I do not have a before picture, but trust me it was bad.  So bad, we got a letter from the homeowners association saying we had to clean it up.  We (by we, I mean a professional that I hired) pulled everythig up and added a new tree, bushes, 2 rose bushes, flowers, mulch and rocks. much neater!

Our new is a pineapple guava.  It will get much taller to block our window for more privacy and have
red and white blooms. 

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