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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Product Review: Bumpits

I was sadly disappointed in the "infomercial" product, Bumpits. The commercial had me hooked...instant hair volume with the use of one easy tool! Not so much...the actual Bumpit is supposed to stay on your head, but this is not the case. I followed the directions, teased my hair really good, placed the product in and hair sprayed it down. Unless you walk around like you have a book on top of your head and don't move around too much, this thing will fall off your head.

I also found it really hard to conceal. I have a lot of really thick hair too! I would be too afraid that people would see it.

Bottom line: I do not recommend the Bumpits product. Go spend your $9.99 on something more a Snuggie! Now that is an infomercial product I do recommend. Sidenote: Target now carries Snuggies in blue, green, tan, and leopard print, $14.99.


  1. I agree the bumpit did not work for me either. I did find another product called the Vidal Sassoon Hair Poufs that work great. I use them to create the front bang pouf like Madonna just wore at the MTV awards. Looks amazing!

  2. Awesome...thanks for the recommendation. I will definitely give that a try!



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