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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Valentine's Day 2010

Blog warning: this post might make you've been warned!

I'm a little behind on posting about Valentine's Day, but I wanted to share!  Jason and I went to dinner at Vargo's, the restaurant where our wedding and reception was!  We hadn't been back since our wedding day in May so I was very excited.  Coincidentally, we also celebrated our first Valentine's Day there in 2008.  I used to literally live across the street from Vargo's so I really miss seeing my "buddies," (Vargos's has a huge garden that is home to tons of peacocks.  I have also been lucky enough to see possuums, raccoons, snakes, lizards, ducks, geese, and swans). 

The sappy, gag part is coming...

We we arrived, Jason surprised me by reserving the best table in the place by the huge window so we could watch the water and look for animals.  This was also the spot where our "sweetheart" table was at our wedding.  He also had a huge bouquet of red roses waiting for me. 

We had the most amazing dinner with great food, wine, and yummy dessert!  We were stuffed so we went for a long walk across our bridge to the gazebo where we said our vows. 

We were lucky that evening and saw peacocks, swans, ducks and a roaming possuum! 

It was the best Valentine's Day I've ever had.  Love you J!

Here we are at our wedding in the lobby...

And back 9 months, this picture really points out that I am pastey white!

Our grand exit at the wedding...

And 2010...

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  1. What a wonderful Valentine's day gift. That is so sweet.



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