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Sunday, April 25, 2010

In Exactly One Week...

I will be at BuzzFest!

For those of you not from Houston, BuzzFest is an annual all-day rock concert hosted by a local radio station, 94.5 The Buzz.  I used to go every year when I was in high school.  My mom would drop me and my friends off and pick us up since we were too young to drive.  We would crowd surf, lay out in our bikini tops on the lawn, and hear some really cool bands.  At past Buzz Fest events, I've seen: Spacehog, Foo Fighters, Owsley, The Flys, Lit, Papa Roach, Our Lady Peace and other great bands.

This year, the bill includes:

Limp Bizkit



30 Seconds to Mars (yes, Jared Leto's band)


Three Days Grace

I'm so excited!  Hopefully 2 geezers like Jason and I will be able to hang all day...and make it to work the very next day. 


  1. Very cool, I'm jealous you'll get to see Switchfoot, they're awesome.

  2. I'm curious to hear about your reaction to it as a big girl, grown up, married woman....wonder if "cute guy" will be there....

  3. Krysten- I am so excited for them, but have never seen them live. I will update you!



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