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Friday, May 7, 2010

BuzzFest Recap

Last Sunday Jason and I got our geezer butts up for all day long music festival.  I hoped that we would make it through the entire day & night because I was so excited about every band.  It was a gorgeous day and we had the BEST time...we even lasted until the bitter end...we didn't get home until after midnight on a worknight!!!

Before the show...we were ready to go!

In our seats...we paid extra to have a covered seat because I wasn't sure how long we would last on the hill.  We did one set on the hill to get some sun...look how gorgeous the weather was!

30 Seconds To Mars...yes, that is Jared Leto with a pink mohak!

Very end of the day...exhausted, but ready for some more!

Seether rocked it!

And then time for the head liner...Limp Bizkit.  The guitar player is notorius for wearing the craziest costumes...

And he did not disappoint!

Happy Friday!
- Chels

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