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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Valentine's Day: Men's Edition

Hey Ladies!  Still need a gift for your beau?  Three words:

Adhesive Mustache Kit

Self-adhesive 7-Day Mustache Kit, $7.95

Jason sporting "The Sheriff" 'stache

I know this sounds lame and silly, but this was Jason's favorite thing that I got him for Christmas.  It was an afterthought stocky stuffer, but you would have thought it was a gold.  It even delayed the rest of our gift exchange, because J just had to rip the package open on the spot, try on the different staches, take pics and text them to friends.  Cheap entertainment.  Want to spend a little more than 8 bucks?  Add a matching mug or bottle opener, all via Paper Source.

Great Mustaches Mug, $12.95

Handlebar Moustache Bottle Opener, $13.95

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