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Monday, February 7, 2011

Weekend Recap

This past weekend was great!  Houston was geared up for a crazy "Winter Storm."  I would say 85% of Houstonians did not go to work or school, but Jason and I were not among them.  No snow, boo!, but we did wake up to lots of ice on the roads.  While I worked from home in the morning to avoid the ice, there goes my crazy husband at 7am off to work.  Granted he is in a Tahoe and me in a tiny 2-seater, but still, brave! 
I ventured out around 1 to go to the office for a few hours.  Big Mistake!  I skidded pretty bad across 59, but no wreck...multiple runs of online Defensive Driving did me well!  When I arrived at the office, I felt pretty dunb because NO ONE was there.  But I stayed for a productive few hours of quiet and that was my Friday!

Saturday was the last Saturday until May that I don't have to waitress in the Junior League Tea Room so I wanted to enjoy EVERY second.  Jason made sure I got to do exactly what I wanted.  We slept in and had a lazy morning.  I HATE having to get in the shower and get ready immediatey after waking up so this was such a treat.  We ate lunch at PF Changs, browsed Anthropologie and Paper Source, went to a Farmer's Market and had drinks and dessert at a new restaurant we discovered, Haven.

Sidenote- Haven has the best dessert that was truly made for me and Jason because it was made of all of our faves: Coconut Tres Leches Bread Pudding!  We ate it too fast for me to take a pic!

The rest of the weekend was great- Church, reading, movies, Central Market, pineapple sherbet, and a Superbowl party at The Bouwers!  And by superbowl party, I mean, Ashley and I caught up on things and ate, while everyone else watched football. 


  1. I don't recall you mentioning "skidding" across 59 in your little car on Friday.....I think you have some 'splainin' to do...

  2. Didn't want to worry anyone...I'm fine!



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