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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Borders Closing Sale: Proceed with Caution

Two weeks ago I received an email from Borders Bookstores about the store closing sale (sad day for them, happy day for me)!  The email advertised 40% off!  So off I went on a Saturday afternoon with a Starbucks in hand ready for some intense book browsing.  Imagine my extreme disappointment when I found out that ALL books were only a measly 10% off!  What a rip off - I can do better at Target, B&N or iBooks.  So I left immediately!

One week later, another email popped in my inbox saying prices have been slashed even more.  You can't fool me Borders...not way...

Until today during my lunch break when I had an extra 30 minutes to kill and a Borders store was in the same shopping center calling my name.  I can't say it was a total waste, but I would proceed with caution.  Most books are 20% off now and they were slightly picked over.  The worst part was that the air conditioning was off (it's 100 degrees today) and so was the usual background music (making it seem eerie).  That mixed with the disheveled look of the store, the disgruntled employees and the long lines (of other suckers like me) made me feel depressed.  The only saving grace was that I found a book I've been wanting to read for $5.00. 

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