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Monday, August 15, 2011

Weekend Recap

Can't believe it's already Monday again.  This weekend was way too fast. 

An important restaurant to me and Jason is closing in a week so we decided to go have one last meal at Americas on Post Oak (for you Houston folks, the other locations remain).  We went with Jenni and Chris since they love this restaurant too.  Jason and I had our second date at Americas and Jenni and Chris had their first date there!  I also used to work right next door so this was the place to go and unwind after work.  We paid tribute right by absolutely stuffing ourselves.  We ordered everything from the lobster corn dogs as a starter, to their award-winning steaks, and famous tres leches for dessert.  Good thing I worked out like a maniac the week before. 

We all got our butts up early and headed to Matagorda for the weekend.  Jason and Chris fished while Jenni and I shopped and napped.  We went down to the beach at sunset and then headed to dinner. 

I think the Gods were punishing us for eating too much the previous night, because two hours after arriving at the restaurant, we still didn't have our meal and had lost interest in waiting any longer, so we went home dinner-less.  Don't feel too sorry for us though, we brought enough food with us to last for weeks including some amazing tamales. 

We hung out on the deck until way past my bedtime playing games.  Around midnight we were visited by a few raccoons who were the cutest things ever and enjoyed eating our fishing bait and tostitos!  We were dinner-less while the raccoons dined on fish and chips.   

Typical Sunday after leaving Matagorda, I did my normal chores while Jason rested.  I'm almost finished with The Reader - such a great book! 

Hope you had a great weekend too despite the unbearable heat! 

Sidenote:  Last weekend, we saw The Change-Up with Jason Bateman/Ryan Reynolds.  Although I thought it dragged some, it was really funny and Jason LOVED it.  Great date night movie.  Warning though- lots of potty humor, excessive cursing, and some nudity...the family next to us didn't appreciate this and left huffing and puffing halfway through. 

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