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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Weekend Recap: Halloween 2011

Let the Halloween festivities begin!  We kicked it off by seeing Paranormal Activity 3.  It was really scary and definitely made us jumpy. 

We wanted to check a few items off our Fall Bucket List but first, my mom and I worked out at Define.  Best workout ever!  I also think Define needs to start paying me commission.  My mom is the fifth person who has joined after I raved about it! 

Next we went to Petco to pick out Tucker's costume, bought some pumpkins, got a few fall drinks from Starbucks and went home to get carving! 

After enjoying some yummy roasted pumpkins seeds I made, we hit downtown Houston to visit a few of our favorite haunted hot spots: Spaghetti Warehouse for dinner, the Donnellan Crypt, La Carafe for wine and also stopped at Hearsay for dessert (even though I don't think they have a ghost problem).  We visited a lot of these spots last year and were eager to say hello to the local spirits again! 

Spaghetti Warehouse

Being silly.  Jason, aka ghost hunter, thought he was getting orbs in the pictures

Second floor of Spaghetti Warehouse where the ghosts hang out

We took a short walk to visit the Donnellan Crypt under the bridge

La Carafe
This was our day of rest.  We did a lot of laying around - Jason watched the Texans game and I watched Twilight. 

Jason and Tucker hanging out with their matching fleece sweatshirts!

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