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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Weekend Recap - San Antonio!

Even though we were still exhausted from Vegas, we headed to San Antonio last Friday for my company's annual picnic for our San Antonio offices.  Jason and I had such a great time, but are also looking forward to a weekend in Houston coming up. 

We left for San Antonio after work.  I was excited for the mandatory Bucee's stop!  We got in to San Antonio late (for us) but I squeezed in time for a drink and a chat with my mommy who was already at the hotel!  We stayed at the Westin La Cantera which was wonderful!!!  I highly recommend it.

After exploring the beautiful hotel, we headed to Fiesta Texas for the company picnic.  No rides for us though.  I got my roller coaster fix in while in Vegas. 

Me and my beautiful mommy!!

Mom, Jason, LE (my stepdad)

Me and Jack at the company lunch

That afternoon, Jason and LE played golf while mom and I went on a nature hike.  Ironically, we saw no nature (besides trees), while the boys saw plenty including wild turkeys, deer, and gators. 

We went to a nice dinner on the property with mom and LE and were about to call it a night, when we noticed Speaker of the House John Boehner and his security detail at the hotel bar watching the Ranger's game.  We decided to stalk hang out there for a bit too.  We ended up seeing Congressman Pete Olson and friends also.  I wish I would have taken a picture with them, but I was feeling shy. 

After lounging around the hotel, we headed home, but took the long way and stopped for lunch in Lockhart for Black's Barbecue.  This was our second stop this year and this time we got to take a picture with Matthew McConaughey!!!  Just kidding, but I got to take a picture of a picture of him.  Missed him by a few months.

I never knew that half price of $8.00 was $6.00! 
We were glad to finally be home because we missed Tucker a lot and decided he needed a puppy spa day.

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