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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Wednesday Night TV

There are two new shows that Jason and I are obsessed with this season and of course they come on same day, same time...thank goodness for DVR!  Hands down the best shows on TV right now. 

Revenge, ABC - 9pm Central
Pretty basic plot - girl seeking revenge on rich people in the Hamptoms after her father is wrongly accused of a crime.  However, you have no idea how evil these people are and never know what's coming next. 

American Horror Story, FX - 9pm Central (played again at 10pm Central)
It's FX, so this is NOT a family show.  Very risque and creepy about a family who trys to start over in a new house.  Too bad it's haunted and their troubled past comes back too!  Dylan McDermont looks AMAZING in it.  Also stars Connie Britton from Friday Night Lights.  I can't believe that the creator of this show is also the creator of Glee!

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