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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Weekend Recap

We had such a great weekend!  We were able to spend a lot of family time together which is nice since things are about to get CRAZY with the holidays right around the corner. 

Just a reminder that my blog sale is still going on!  Both pairs of shoes are sold, but there are lots of great clothes and a bag up for grabs.

After work, we had a wonderful dinner at Maggiano's and then met up with Lauryn and Rob for drinks.  I've known Lauryn since elementary school, but the best time we had together was as college roomies for 3 years!!!  We have been through so much together: sorority recruitment, exams, breakups, dorm life, and everything in between...hello, midnight madness!  Lauryn and her husband Rob have been living in Michigan for years, but recently moved back to Houston!!!  Jason and I love both of them and are looking forward to spending more time together.  I'm mad I didn't get any pictures of the evening!

We were scheduled to take family photos Saturday evening so I spent the day prepping.  Since we were going to a pet photographer and the focus of the pictures was on Tucker, I gave him a bath, brushed his teeth, clipped his nails...he had a full spa day and hated every minute of it!

I decided to get a blowout at the new Do Bar at West Avenue.  The Do Bar is a "blowout bar" that only styles hair, no cut or color.   I bought a Tidbits Treats (similar to a Groupon) months ago for a blowout at this salon and figured this was the perfect occasion to use it.  I highly recommend this place!  The staff was super friendly (which you normally don't get in River Oaks) and the salon is just cool!  The hair dryers hang from the ceilings and instead of having magazines to browse through, they give you an iPad with magazines already downloaded to browse.  Plus, my hair looked great and my stylist was fast!

Our photo session with Robyn Arouty Photography went so well.  Fastest 30 minutes of my life!  I was so nervous because Tucker does not know even the most basic commands: sit, stay, don't bite people.  I had high hopes and low expectations.  My goal was just one good photo. 

I was blown away, by how awesome Robyn and her staff are.  I can't say enough great things.  We participated in a day called "Pocket Shots" where you buy a 30 minute session and the sitting fee goes to an animal charity!  Saturday's charity was the Texas Alaskan Malamute Foundation...oh the irony of bringing a chihuahua. 

Within minutes of arriving, Tucker was posing, looking in the right direction and being cute.  We did have one cringe worthy moment when he growled and nipped at the assistant, but was as champ otherwise.  We won't have all of the proofs for a few weeks, but Robyn posted these pics online! 

I found, both the red bow and Santa Hat at  So happy I did!  And in typical Purifoy fashion, instead of responding to "sit" and "stay" Tucker only responded to "cookie" and "car."  We all have our weaknesses. 

Finally, we ended the day with sushi at Ra and drinks in Highland Village doing my favorite things: eating, drinking and window shopping.  We tried to have a drink at Up, but they were packed and we couldn't even find a space at the bar.  Not really our crowd either...we ended up at Smith & Wollensky and the bartender made me one of the best chocolate martinis I've ever had!

I finally got a day to catch up on cleaning, laundry, and more closest clean out!  I'm trying to prep our guest bedroom and closests for Christmas Chaos.  Four Christmases here we come!

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