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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Capturing Jack's First Year of Life :: Sitting Up

I'm working with Studio Ainsley to capture Jack's First Year of Life through professional photography.  I'm so happy to be doing this as Jack is changing so quickly every day.  I know I will look back on these images and be so grateful that I took the time to properly document these moments. 

I love how Maca, our photographer, recommends scheduling our sessions - not by months, but by milestones.  We already had a maternity session when I was about 32 weeks pregnant, a newborn session at one week old, a "head up" session at 4 months when Jack was able to lift his head up and we just took a "sitting up" session at 8 months after Jack was sitting up unassisted.  Our final session of the year will be for his big One Year birthday.  Studio Ainsley also took our Christmas card picture in our Christmas jammies.  Don't worry...this isn't a time suck.  Only the maternity and newborn shots were full sessions that lasted over an hour.  The other ones are just super quick mini sessions that took all of 15 minutes from setup to walking out the door. 

I highly recommend finding a photographer that you feel comfortable with and using them throughout your child's first year.  I don't have to worry about getting certain shots or themes because Maca already knows our personality, what we like, our home, and how to work with Jack.  Because of this relationship, you end up with perfect pictures like these:




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