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Monday, February 24, 2014

Unintended Break

Hello everyone!  I took a little unintended break last week from blogging.  All is well - I was just very busy with my day job and feeling a little under the weather.  Instead of staying up late blogging after Jack goes to bed like I normally do, I put myself to bed early each night to kick whatever was going on.  Here is a little "Five on Tuesday" to catch you up on what's been going on.

ONE - Jack is feeling somewhat better, but we are still battling a pesky ear infection.  We went back to his pediatrician yesterday - third Monday in a row - and we are going to see a specialist tomorrow.  Praying we find an answer soon.

TWO - I participated in a team-building workshop on Friday afternoon with my company at a local Cross Fit Gym and my legs are still sore! 

THREE - We're ready for St. Patrick's day in our house!

FOUR - Anyone else loving the turban trend?  I want need one and can't decide between polka dots or floral?  I just can't justify buying two!  Which do you prefer?

FIVE - Finally, I just started a "diet" on Friday.  My mother has been urging me to try the Paleo diet since before Jack was born.  All I heard coming out of her mouth was no carbs, sugar or dairy.  I live for carbs, sugar and dairy and am not a huge meat lover so for months I told her no, no, no and heck no.  Friday morning she finally bribed convinced me to give it a shot for 2 weeks.  The deal is that I follow it religiously for 2 weeks and I get a reward.  I'm not divulging what this little reward is upon her request, but it was substantial enough for me to excitedly give up carbs, sugar and dairy. 

Surprisingly I'm feeling great (although a bit hungry) on Day 4.  I cleaned out my pantry this weekend and went to the grocery store to stock up so I could set myself up for success.  The Paleo book I read states that when grocery shopping you will only shop at the perimeter of the store - no inner aisles.  It is so true!!!  I don't think I bought one item in the center aisles.  Just produce and meat.  I'm down 2 pounds and can already see a difference in my stomach area.  I'm sure my body is just in shock wondering when it's next Starbucks beverage or box of candy will be consumed. 

If you have any great Paleo tips or recipes, send 'em my way!


  1. ... but what do you drink if you can't drink coffee? I think I would be a mess. Good luck on your two weeks - sounds like this reward is awesome motivation!

  2. We're what I like to call Paleo Plus in our house, but we love this Paleo Tortilla recipe. They're great for fajita size tacos or if you add some vanilla to them, as crepes! I use coconut oil instead of ghee (mainly b/c I have coconut oil on hand)

  3. I have a book called "It Starts With Food" that has helped us add in some super beginner Paleo recipes and explains the Whole 30. We like all the things we've tried!

  4. Great for you giving paleo a try! I've said the same thing about that, no, heck no. But, if Whole30 is also paleo than you should try this... I didn't make the bbq sauce, I just used the bad for you type from the store, but it was delish.

    I vote the floral, btw! Pretty.

  5. Mom here. There are plenty of carbs in this program - fruit fruit fruit. Just no starches. And I am certainly not a Paleo Purist. I haven't been coffee free since circa 1972. But my doctor pretty much forced me to try it for health reasons. I lost 12 pounds, feel great, and have kept it off for a year. Note I didn't say I have followed it for a year. I still love the occasional cookie, ice cream, queso - I am a Texas girl after all. BUT, I find it pretty easy to stay with it in general. It really is a change in overall eating habits, rather than a temporary diet. I am much healthier now....I have reason to be...I want to be the Mimi who plays with JACK!!!

  6. Natalie had tubes put in her ears when she was 21 months old. Best. Decision. Ever. She hasn't had any ear infections since, nor has she really been that sick at all. If that is what the specialist suggests, then go for it.



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